Friday, April 7, 2017


Lost for kids. except i distinctly remember loving this show so much i wouldn't have tried Lost to begin with but for Flight 29 Down. and i would have lost out.


the singing in that opening while nostalgic gave me the chills as a kid. i mean as a teen. ominous. this show was my Saturday bastion, my chance to relax after another brutal week of high school. Discovery Kids was my pagan religion on a desert isle. back when there still was an intact Saturday-morning-cartoons industry.


yeah that series finale. first finale i got sad over and cried real salty ocean tears. cos the story wasn't complete. Hotel Tango. another big event at my house cept it was still the afternoon when it was broadcast so there wasn't time enough for me even to shower and i watched the whole thing dirty after soccer which was annoying. i literally had mud in my eye.

see it would have been interesting if this thing got another season where they explored the consequences of being rescued after being stranded for so long only thinking about the prospect of their grim deaths. even for that chipper little kid with the cap. i would have liked to see the school where they all came from on that ill-fated field trip. did it destroy or delay their dreams going forward? were the usual lines between jock and nerd, babe and wallflower, cheerleader and bunsen-beaker-eater, blurred? how would they interact with each other now that they were a forced family? did the cliques clash or crash? can a plane save?

that one scene reminds me of all the fun island games on Endurance, the greatest outside game show kid or adult ever. intense. fueled by sugary cereal. these two shows were often paired together on Discovery Kids. Saturdays used to be days you didn't sleep in on till noon. (Legends of the Hidden Temple was indoors.)


* Lauren Storm, not necessarily a porn name...

* every boy wanted to be Johnny Pacar. i know i did. Johnny didn't crack any coconuts but he had his choice of coconuts to fondle i can tell you that.

* i'm instagram-followers with Hallee Hirsh, Joker smile and all. loved her since the spunky daughter on ER (pronounced "er"). she now runs a nature commune with her husband and child. how great is that? more hippie farms, less nuclear arms i say.

* it's okay, i don't drive at all.

* now you know Jeremy Kissner has one of those faces. there's one of those in every school. that tropical rattan porkpie hat isn't just for show. it's where he stashes his ton of blunts.

* Corbin Bleu Cheese, my man with the cool Sideshow Bob fro, can i steal you a minute? bro, you can't marry Key lime pie, no matter what Pee-wee Herman says. you need to see that hot blonde Lauren Storm before she gets too big for you...

and for Fucked, Foreign Fighters, i mean Freezeframe. i just came up with this now. if the film of your life ended on a final freezeframe, what would that look like? what would you be doing or trying to say? like the freezeframe from Eternal Sunshine that gets caught on a glitch. mine? eyes closed. sleeping. cos i'd be dead. happy Friday.



Jules said...

I think I'd have a joker smile in my freeze frame.

Happy sweet *)

BTW - Pick a Grand National winner please. Here's what I've got so far:

Definitly Red

Rogue Angel

Measure of my dreams

Bishops road

the late phoenix said...

i think we all have to go for Rogue Angel in honor of Professor Jenny returning. mah dahlin Kentucky Derby in a month! gear up with hats and drinks and get ready! that will be my prize if (when) i survive the Challenge. just wish it wasn't all over in a minute. it's like my sex life. or dreams i've had *)