Monday, March 27, 2017


1. what question about sex do you find hard to ask your partner? sometimes i just want to cuddle but it's hard to cuddle when i'm wearing a gimp suit.

2. what question about sex do you find hard to ask anybody? it's not ideal to ask my mom about the Human Centipede but i do it cos she's a nurse.

3. sexually, what are your favorite things to do? i cum in her mouth, she cums in my mouth, then we sit down for a quiet dinner under a pink neon light with chequered napkins on our laps as we enjoy beet salad with some Paul Newman Creamy Caesar. to cleanse our palates.

4. name 3 things which most excite your imagination when you imagine doing them. thinking about what to write, forming legitimate plotthread chains and connections as i conceptualize, and having my characters have sex. the actual writing of the story is boring.

5. in how many countries have you had sexual relations? i can't divulge cos some of the stuff i've tried is illegal depending on the country.

bonus: describe your ideal sex partner. whoever's reading this, it's you, you are my perfect fuck.



Sweeten Dirty said...

You make your answer to number 5 so kinky, naughty, and fun! ;)

the late phoenix said...

livin' dangerously ;)

May More said...

Great answers - as to answer 3 we kinda do a similar version of that in my world - Love doing really kinky stuff then sitting down to a formal-ish dinner

Jules said...

I knew it. I’ll get the pink chequered napkins ready. *)

Oh wait...I'm sloppy thirds.

the late phoenix said...

may: something out of a Tarantino film, starring Paul Newman.

the late phoenix said...

never, mah dahlin, you're always first in my green book. you be Mia Wallace, i'll be Vincent Vega, and we'll dance like nobody's watching..........or like Quentin Tarantino at his first prom...