Friday, March 10, 2017




* waitress: what are you writing about?
seeker: i'm just tapping my fingers on these keys. the computer is turned off.

* waitress: what are you writing about?
seeker: Walt Whitman is my spirit animal. he guides me. he tells me what to write. i follow his instructions word-for-word. like exactly. the exact words.

* waitress: don't know why there's no one in here.
seeker: food's terrible.

* waitress: is it raining outside?
seeker: that's my tears.

* waitress: can i read it?
seeker: no, it's already finished.
waitress: is this your original work?
seeker: do you think i'm handsome?

* waitress: i can keep a secret.
seeker: okay, here's my secret: i think you're ugly.

* Burning Bush: witness, my child...

* afoot and lighthearted...
seeker: smog

* the long brown path...
seeker: shit

* seeker: is that the same buffalo from the Johnny Depp Dior Sauvage commercial?

* seeker: fucking cosplayers. i heard they're all freaks in the sheets. well as long as they leave their heads on.

* seeker: hey guys there are too many lights here, i need to concentrate on my novel.

* in the hotel room
seeker: room service? no i don't want the Russian. hey can you turn down the internal wind? pages are flying everywhere i'm trying to write my novel here.
Putin: you can do it yourself *hangs up*
the Wind: much unseen is also here...
seeker: *pushes button and shuts off the fan* finally some peace and quiet.

* waitress: so what are you thinking? are you gonna pay me the tip?
seeker: we'll see how the sex goes.
waitress: for the food, jackass!

* Burning Bush: hello? anybody here? who's there?
seeker: hi it's me. i'm going to the ocean, i'll be sure to pick up some water to douse you on the way back.

* if they are vacant of you you are vacant of them...
waitress: no room at the inn.
seeker: i don't know what that is. my head is vacant.

* i inhale great draughts of space...
waitress: drafts of your unwritten work.
seeker: i was thinking draft beer.
waitress: you're gonna have to pay for those.
seeker: is a peculiar draft of Wind circling around you, too?

* the east and the west are mine, the north and the south are mine...
waitress: is this a poetic way for you to avoid asking for directions?

* seeker: i did not know i held so much goodness...
fox: you don't.
seeker: but you're a Trickster, right? so i am good.
fox: no i'm just a fox.

* all seems beautiful to me...
seeker: that's not snow, that's my head lice.

* waitress: what are you writing about?
seeker: i just told you you dumb waitress! so do you want to go out with me?

* waitress: i thought you were the one. i wore a funky braid in my hair and everything.
seeker: i don't know what that is.
waitress: CLICK HERE
seeker: i don't listen to skinhead music, i have a full flowing luxurious mane of hair.

* waitress: so what music do you listen to?
seeker: just American Idol stuff.


happy weekend. pray for us.

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