Monday, December 19, 2016


1. why do you live where you live? cos they don't know where i live.
2. do you want to have your sins forgiven? i don't believe in sinning, i believe in winning.
3. do you believe in heaven and hell? CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK
4. after life, where do you think you'll end up? i just want to go where Kurt Cobain is.
5. if you have children, would they say you are the favorite parent? why do you think this? i would be the coolest parent ever. i'd let my kids do whatever they wanted at all times. it'd be a fun 18 years. okay, 80 years.
6. has anything ever happened to you that was personal, dramatic, or spectacular enough to cause you to believe in a god? they wanted me to take the position of God. i refused after seeing all the work that was involved. i mean that is a LOT of work. i'm lazy. God made me lazy.

bonus: what is something you consider to be a great personal success? why was it so significant? every time i can open my eyes and write is a success. i have to close my eyes to get my imagination flowing. sometimes this can take up to five hours, i use the entire morning. five hours with my eyes closed. i look like i'm dead.


greet the season. go on, don't be shy, the season won't bite.


Jules said...

Sinners are winners and they NEVER know where they live. Their lives are teetering between a Heaven and a Hell and Kurt Cobain sings his desperation in the background.

Keep your eyes closed and feel the Godliness…*)

the late phoenix said...

i wonder if they let Kurt keep his lumberjack shirt.