Friday, February 10, 2017



* Clerks but not trying as hard

* oh, i finally get it! that's why it's called ampm! it's open 24 hours!

* the pencil is mightier than the porn.

* y'know all cartoons should be like this. color and linework and flow and cylinders and background art and pretty music are overrated. the rough draft is the last record of when the cartoon was pure before selling out. no more series ever again, just pilots.

* would you rather be bored or busy?

* this isn't the adult-swim version, it's the HBO version.

* Benson: no thanks, you're no James Woods.

* Halloween was never about candy. it was about apples and finding your true love.

* Benson: what's wrong with you?
Mordecai: i'm a druggie.

* Benson: acid is not safer than weed.
Mordecai: yes. but the sugar in that chocolate will kill you first.

* Benson: i wanted my first time to be under a bridge eating Cinnamon Pebbles with Cinnamon the hooker and Pebbles the hooker, not like this!

* Mordecai: if you're going through hell, keep going.

* Benson: i can eat my own balls...

* what they were saying in dolphin:
Mordecai dolphin: this is not my fault.
Benson dolphin: yes it is.

* early design for Belly Bag

* Mordecai: it's not me! it's unzipping itself!
Benson: is that your...?
Mordecai: it's a feather, it's a feather!

* Benson: we're gonna get fired.
Mordecai: man you are OBSESSED with the whole firing thing.

* nobody gets gas at 2AM...except graveyard-campers completing their dares on Halloween.

* now THAT's self-serve.

* Mordecai: wait hold on, i just thought i was a napkin dispenser, this isn't working.

* Mordecai: you're not a cop. it's obviously a Halloween costume. or i'm tripping acid.

* Benson: can you stop chewing those CornNuts so loudly, it's really annoying.

* Mordecai: *fart*
Benson: i fucking hate you.
Mordecai: don't you see the moral of the story? the cop held his fart in and he's headless now.


i've been invited to an orgy as usual. however this weekend we're meeting at a movie theater for some reason...

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