Monday, April 30, 2012


1. are you wearing any jewelry? a Prince Philip, it's like a Prince Albert, but, y'know...

2. what are you listening to now? the screams of a man who realizes he will die before fulfilling his creative dreams

3. what is the last piece of entertainment media that you consumed? recommend it? hmmmm, well the last thing i watched that was truly memorable and awesome was a bootleg dvd of the Star Wars Holiday Special that i got from "making a deal" with some shady guy on the internet. man, that Special is special indeed, i won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it, but...most want to forget that this exists and erase it from the Star Wars canon proper, but honestly, it's one of the most brilliant exercises i've ever witnessed. the way i look at things, ANY art endeavor is worth it, there is no such thing as an artistic failure, the mere fact that this Special exists is a victory for all time

4. what kind of undergarments are you wearing right now? care to post a photo? other words, pics or it didn't happen: the last time i used the word "undergarments" was the last time i wore pants, circa 1994. i would post a photo of this, but i'm never gonna (knowingly) post a pic of my face or my outer body region, i've got the keep the whole mystery thing up, right? or it all dies on the spot quickly, and my blogging days are over.

5. what is your current mood? as always, deep despair

6. what is the best-looking thing about you today? my typing fingers, my *LONG* wink-wink fingers...long, smooth fingers...

7. fill in the blank: tonight i'm looking forward to ________

eating...get it?

bonus: tell me something good, anything you want to share, just fucking do it: thing is, there is no good in my life, except for this computer. all of my Real Sex Dolls have popped, i'm in a real pickle here...




Mia Wallace said...

Long fingers... Smile.

As a staunch Agnostic (which some say is just a scared Atheist) I love love love the photo of the Bible with the caption "pictures or it didn't happnen." You get a standing ovation for that one!

Dru said...

#2 I find your answer a bit funny, only you could come up with such an answer. On a serious note though, I hope that you get to fulfil your creative dreams.
#4 Coming to think of it, I haven't heard or used the word undergarments in ages. Ha! You have just given me a new excuse for not posting pics online. 'I've got the keep the whole mystery thing up, right? Or it all dies on the spot quickly, and my blogging days are over' sounds way cooler than 'I'm too shy to'.
#5 Try and be a bit more positive *sends positive vibes your way*
#6 I'm slow, I don't get the long fingers. Elaborate please?
Happy TMI Tuesday

Atiya Luv said...

as always, your responses are so wonderful, you have me laughing and wondering, no need to post pics, I have an image of you already *grins grins, winks winks*!!
#7 you are welcome to come for dinner anytime!!!!!


Happy TMI!!

Jack and Jill said...

Like Mia, I loved the Bible picture. Unlike Mia, I've gone from Agnostic to full-blown Atheist in the last couple years. An agnostic is undecided. I've made up my mind.

Re: #1, pics or it didn't happen. Not that I actually want to see pics of your genital adornments.

Re: #2, coincidentally I'm listening to the screams of a man who realizes he will die before the police arrive. I think I've said too much.

The Star Wars Holiday Special rules! It's required viewing in our house every Christmas, right between A Cthulhu Christmas and A Very MacGyver Holiday.


the late phoenix said...

mia: belief is as fickle as a blog post from my secret love

dru: my long, smooth fingers like to press certain flesh buttons...

atiya: atiya, love that name...dinner's coming...i'm coming...i'm always "hungry" for more, wink

jj: bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...when they come for your bootleg dvd of the Holiday Special...i knew that internet guy was shady

Anonymous said...

Love the bible pics graphic. I had to "save as" that.

6. I like your fingers.

Bonus: "...all of my Real Sex Dolls have popped, i'm in a real pickle here..."


Have great week.


the late phoenix said...

H babes: i once did a "save as" on an illegal download of a song about turtles, broke my previous computer to bits. the week doesn't have to end, my love...