Monday, April 2, 2012


right off the bat, i've always been distrustful of Kings of Leon, dunno quite why, i think i hate this band more because of all the female attention it gets. i'm not saying they're bad, just not good enough to warrant THAT kind of worship. yes, i'm jealous...

1. what makes you hot? YOU

2. what do you hope to accomplish when you watch porn for hours and hours?
a) to feel happy
b) to learn
c) to relax, relieve, blow off steam
d) to orgasm

all of the above, but mostly to learn. life is a classroom, and Sasha Grey is my homeroom teacher.

3. you've been asked to join in a porn production. which job do you choose and why?

a) the star: Doug Hardwicke or Fachina Istite
b) the director, all the to-do with the lights and staging
c) the fluffer who keeps the actors "excited" about their work
d) the camera person gettin' all those close, tight shots

H, i commend you on "Fachina", that is a name i'd go to the ends of the Earth for, i'd die under Fachina's command, that is the coolest name ever. saying that, of course i'd be the camera person, my eye would see all, my hand would actually craft what is exciting and what falls flat once the cum and vagina juice starts to fly. never would want to be a fluffer, that's like being a star actor's understudy, it just sucks, and not the good *suck*

4. right this very second you are feeling froggy and want a casual fuck hook-up, how would you place your ad for casual sex? w=woman, m=man, t=transsexual/transvestite

if i used t in any way, i'd be lying. the best relationships are built on white lies, not big lies, mind you, but white lies...oh, who am i kidding? i'd fuck anything that moves, so mine would be m4w=man for whomever

5. from now on 'til the end of time you will be able to experience sexual pleasure via one single method. choose the method from the list below and explain:

a) vaginal penetration
b) anal penetration
c) masturbation with your fingers/hand
d) masturbation with a single favorite sex toy
e) being masturbated (fingered/hand job) by the fingers/hand of another person
f) body touching by another, such as caressing, but no entry into any orifices
g) oral sex

y'know, this is a very interesting question, it brings up a concept i've never thought about before, which is not easy to do, it's kind of like choosing which form of Heaven to take, which path to eternal ecstasy. first of all, i have a nerd query: what happens AFTER time ends? but i guess i'll choose vaginal penetration, 'cause i've always wanted to know as a man what that would feel like for a woman, it would get me closer to understanding a woman's true feelings, which would therefore get me more women. no, but seriously, i've always been more in touch with my feminine side than my masculine side, sometimes i think i'm a woman trapped in a man's body...i mean that emotionally, not physically. basically what i'm saying is that i'm the perfect man: i'm straight, yet i think, feel, and emote like a woman. i'm the perfect person, aren't i?.......i cry a lot......

bonus: what's the sexiest thing you did this weekend? pics or vids or it doesn't count: i spent four hours licking one of my female friends from tippy-toes to her hair on her head just with my tongue, i moistened her entire naked body, every crevice, every hole, every pore, with my saliva. she doesn't need to take a shower now for at least a week, she's clean, and it was oh so hot, a little rough on my tongue afterwards, but worth it. no pics of this, so it doesn't count. i have the vid, though, email me...




nitebyrd said...

I have no answers for your questions, a couple more months and I'm going to become an honorary nun.

Kings of Leon makes me hot, though.

Andee said...

Hey there...another interesting TMI Tuesday! I nominated you for the TMI Blog Award on my blog today. Slip on over to see how it all works.


Jax said...

I just got to know you on a how other level ;) LOL Oh and I LOVE Jennifer Lopez. Can't say I didn't get excited when I saw here... haha

Jack and Jill said...

Lucky you having Sasha Grey for a homeroom teacher. My homeroom teacher looked like Ed Powers after a three-day heroin binge.

I love man for whomever! We may be twins.


the late phoenix said...

nite: i'm still mulling over whether or not to become a monk. i want to steal Kings of Leon's power bracelets.

andee: *slipping*

jax: exciting times in blogland, huh? ;)

jj: Ed Powers is my father...

Dru said...

I can always count on your TMI Tuesday answers for a good laugh. HTMIT

KaziGrrl said...

I happen to be a Kings of Leon fan *snf*

Loved your answers as always! and can you slip me the video, babe? you know my email ;)


~Kazi xxx

Anonymous said...

I admit that I asked out loud, "When does time end?" and then laughed. Just asking what happens after time ends would have made more sense.

the late phoenix said...

dru: it's a nice, safe forum for me to blow off some steam.

kazi: let's make a vid together, my tongue has healed.

fire: i suppose once time ends, we will...what were we saying? oh yes, time ends and...what? as i was saying...

Hedone said...

Photo 1: OMG a wedding fluffer...ROFL

Photo 2: I changed my mind. I want to star in the porn film cuz someone is in charge of tweaking my nipples the whole day... keeping them rock hard for when on camera. Ooooh, yum!

3. Baby, I'll always be your Fachina :-) :-)

4. LMAO...man4whoever.

And you know what, I've seen some ads on various forums and they are pretty much just that, if you have a pulse they want to have sex with you.

Title: Looking for sex
single Male 49

In Greenville, NC area. Looking for sex. 1 on 1. 3some, group, bi, TS/TV/TG, alt, bdsm, versatile top.

I mean this guy does it all :D
I guess that's the meaning of pansexual??

5. You are so funny. Just to be clear the question assumes you will be working with your "god -given equipment" and not undergoing gender reassignment. Sorry, you cannot experience vaginal penetration.

Bonus: That actually sounds very sensual if not tickle-y

I love your TMI Tuesdays,


Nyaeve said...
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Allys Brisneyland said...

<3 the wedding fluffer pic, and God how I love sasha grey! here is a pic you have prob seen, but i love...,r:1,s:0,i:72&tx=34&ty=65