Monday, April 9, 2012


Clay Aiken is looking kinda rough up there...

1. food:
LOVE: peanut-butter spaghetti
HATE: spaghetti with peanut butter
GUILTY SECRET: i eat peanut-butter spaghetti.

2. apparel:
LOVE: wearing a raincoat on a sunny day
HATE: when i have to wear pants...society told me i have to wear pants out
GUILTY SECRET: sometimes...heh heh...i don't wear pants underneath, i'm a commando rebel...shhh, society doesn't know.

3. books:
LOVE: when i read an awesome book which hasn't yet explored a secret idea of mine
HATE: then i read that cool book which HAS explored an idea i had
GUILTY SECRET: i get very gloomy on such days, i tend to not read again for forty days and forty nights...

4. songs:
LOVE: "i love you, you love me..."
HATE: sometimes when an indie rock song tries to be so indie that only one indie person in the crowd "gets it", not the composer, the head of the label, when only the big boss man gets it, the one with all the money, your indie cred vanishes.
GUILTY SECRET: i'd still take the money. i mean, tacos don't grow on trees, except in Narnia.

5. movie:
LOVE: anything with the word STAR in it
HATE: anything political, unless it's a political thriller...hate politics, love to be thrilled
GUILTY SECRET: in the '80s i snuck into a movie theater with Brad to see My Little Pony The Movie without paying, i'm sorry, i'm 'fessing up to this now, i know it was wrong, but, well, Brad was so cool back then...

6. tv show
LOVE: X Files, Star Trek: TNG, ER, vivid, intense, learned dramas like those were
HATE: My Little Pony, the incident with Brad has left a bad taste in my mouth
GUILTY SECRET: ........My Little Pony....sorry......

7. celebrity crush:
LOVE: LeVar Burton, that guy is the MAN, Reading Rainbow AND Star Trek: TNG!!!, i want to wear that same visual device Geordi had on, that hair bow thing, YEAH!
HATE: Lindsay Lohan, but see, is it that i hate HER or that i hate ME because i secretly love her and want to solve all her problems for her?
GUILTY SECRET: Kardashian...Kim...i know, but, y'know, i mean, shit, i wouldn't turn it down, namean?

8. music group
LOVE: NIN, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, LIVE, Radiohead, basically if they're good, actually GOOD, like the songs have more than one layer to them, lyrics which include big long words, and if a song lasts for 10 minutes, that's also a sure-fire way to determine if it's worthwhile, means it's epic
HATE: can't blame Bieber, but i CAN blame the God who created Bieber: *shaking my fist at air*
GUILTY SECRET: i LOVE Madonna, and i'm proud of that, i don't care what the haters say, Madonna taught me to embrace my Catholic guilt and fuck the shit outta it

9. sports team:
LOVE: the team from Mudville, for there was no joy, i fit in there quite nicely
HATE: Yankees, Lakers, THOSE kind of teams, huh? huh? yeah
GUILTY SECRET: i want to do a Lebron one time and wear a Yankees cap to a Cleveland Indians game. dat dude is crazy, i love him. Burn, baby, burn :P

bonus: sex position/sex act/fetish:
LOVE: vanilla sex
HATE: vanilla sex with coconut sprinkles, hate coconut, love coconut milk, though, in small doses
GUILTY SECRET: vanilla sex with vanilla frosting spread around all the naughty bits, safe word is "vanilla ice cream", can't move until i lick it all up, ahhhhh, my first vanilla-scented gash, smells good, tastes better...




Nolens Volens said...

Just vanilla frosting? ;)

Anonymous said...

As an adult I watched reading rainbow. I was in my 20s.

1. peanut butter spaghetti?
I'm confused

2. Raincoat on a sunny day...Are you a flasher?

4. Curse you! Do not put that tune in my head.

I think farmville has taco trees, or is it gummi bear trees?

6. My little pony?! joking or not...I'm judging you. Shame!

8. "embrace your Catholic guilt and fuck the shit out of it"

LOL LOL. That's good. Should be on a t-shirt.

My not-so-guilty secret is: I totally get off on the wildness that is your mind. Your thought processes are out there, brilliant, funny and make me wanna do naughty things to you, with you, on you, under you...etc.


Jack and Jill said...

If you button up your raincoat, no one will know that you're not wearing pants.

You love movies with the word Star in them. You hate anything political. How do you feel about the Star Wars prequels?

God didn't create Bieber. I'm pretty sure he was grown in a lab. And I'm not a fan of Madonna but the lesson you learned from her is pretty awesome.

Vincent Vega said...

Peanut Butter Spaghetti? I have to know if this is real or not. The tacos only grow on trees in Narnia made me laugh at loud!

Mia Wallace said...

I'm intrigued by peanut butter spaghetti!! Recipe...?
Tacos grow on tress in Narnia?! SOLD!!! (This was so randomly hysterical, BTW.)
I LOVE Star Trek: TNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AWESOME Bieber reference!

ALuv said...

I love the pic of the 69, poor girl looks clueless!!

love all your answers! so creative!!!

the late phoenix said...

nv: all sorts of white stuff flying around

H: i'm free later tonight...

jj: i worked at that lab, had to, they made me.

vince: some even choose to add jelly, they are called the elites.

mia: after iCARLY did those spaghetti tacos, i thought ANY combination of food could work.

aluv: that is a pic of how i was conceived.

KaziGrrl said...

The tension between Boston teams and New York teams is legend. Enter Taz, who fearless wears a Mets jacket to his job just outside Boston... LOL

Spaghetti anything can be freakin' awesome!! ;)


~Kazi xxx

the late phoenix said...

kazi: i used to think that whole Boston/New York thing was just an ESPN creation, then i saw Erin Andrews on ESPN and...well, i saw the lovely Erin Andrews...nothing much mattered after that

viemoira said...

vanilla sex eh?? ;)