Wednesday, April 4, 2012



click on my kind of pumping, the pic above, for #3 in the series.


my little babe, the youth spills out like the fountain i desperately sought,
you teach me so much with your innocent gaze,
seeing you blossom into the woman you are, ripe,
i dare not think,
each one of my cynical lessons are torn down with a nod of your head.
we ride away on your dad's beat-up old rented scooter, we're a humorous duo
sauntering our way down the open country road, winding, holding on to each other
hunched and crunched together, we depend on each other, little ball treading
down the path,
making a country pastor lick his lips.

i trust you, i trust you to make the right decisions for us,
you guide me on how to touch you,
i thought i knew everything, i read all the books
and processed the world's knowledge with a single keystroke,
but as i clasp my fingers together and hold onto your torso for support in the back seat,
you gingerly move up my hands to touch your tits,
and all the learned knowledge of the world's sages flushes away
as my cheeks flush with an unknown quantity,
this is a feeling that trumps the brain and mind's eye,
it is a desire for connectedness which sends us flying down the road
into a passionate whereabout, a town ready for our open displays of sex,
but not ready for our brand of love.

my small lady, you teach me so much,
if it lands on 69, the wheel is playing a trick,
the wheel's too square to determine our fate,
it hasn't been invented yet by a caveman not yet born to the love we share
in the past, love culled from the ancient past.
if we enter this caffe, who's to say the coffee won't spill?...
your love for me spills out all over the counter, that's when i know
this is destiny.




KaziGrrl said...

Ah, youth... don't they always think of themselves as the wiser? ;)

Things are starting to look, hmmm, hairy for that armpit...

~Kazi xxx

Jack and Jill said...

I remember this song well. Haven't listened to it in awhile. It came out when I was in the sixth grade, but I didn't start listening to Depeche Mode until I hit junior high. Ah, memories.


Cheeky Minx said...

Oh, the sweet lip-smacking nectar of youth, I remember it well, with a soundtrack of The Smiths, Depeche Mode, sensual slow grooves that had me dancing until dawn.

Personally, I think you should suck that youthful fountain dry, babe...

Hedone said...

Is it just me?...Those squiggles, under your arm pit, look like a bunch of stick people in kama sutra poses.


P.S. You can ride my scooter anytime ;-)

Nolens Volens said...

Now we all are along for the ride...

~d said...

Fire dancer?

the late phoenix said...

kazi: youth is wasted on the young, sad but so painfully true. the hairy armpit will finally crackle and crumble next week...

jj: this band composed some of the sexiest songs in history, huh?

cheeky: i want to suck you dry, my beautiful babe

H: you've made my rather profane squiggles sublime. sex is always best when added with a divine element ;)

nv: it's a bumpy one

d: anything you want, babe

Anonymous said...

So, you're quoting movie lines? ;) Thanks for playing along!

Vincent Vega said...

I was never a huge Depeche Mode guy, but they were good for a listen now and then.

the late phoenix said...

clan: potent quotables > potent potables

vince: i was behind the curve on Depeche Mode. Sam came into 5th Grade one day and talked about them, i thought he was seizing...