Friday, February 9, 2018



* false far........................that curling controversy has kept me up nights

* when this commercial first came out, the Earth-destroying meteor instagram emoji hadn't been out yet.

* the Revelation will be televised

* i tried to find a Super Bowl Commercial from last week for this but there just weren't any good ones.

* be sure to take that oil, you're gonna need to grease EVERYTHING.

* if you put junk in the laundry basket where will you put your laundered clothes?

* water, large bananas...

* that oil painting is a van Gogh original. rare, one of a kind. he predicted this in the painting as you can see. no one listened to him back then cos he only had one ear.

* Triple A estimates that the way most fatalities occur during the Apocalypse is from car crashes trying to get away from the Apocalypse, not the Apocalypse itself.

* ginger woman: we have more room! do we have any kids?

* ginger woman: i'm bringing the clothes! and the passports!
Rob Morrow: why'd you only take the suits and the dresses? are we absconding Bond villains?

* ginger woman: empty bottle of medicine on display sadly on our bathroom sink.
Rob Morrow: that's my hand cream.
ginger woman makes the Jenna Marbles face.
ginger woman: Jenna Marbles is married now. you gotta move on.

* Rob Morrow: did you save my video games!?
ginger woman: yes. why are you ripping our flatscreen from its wires roots!?
Rob Morrow: the video games are useless without a tv!

* ginger woman: COFFEE MAKER!!!
Rob Morrow: you really don't need to get more awake.

* ginger woman: sweep up my stolen jewelry.
Rob Morrow: oh yeah, we are Bond villains, forgot. what about this rare van Gogh of the Trojan Horse?
ginger woman: that's like saying you're the smartest horse.

* ginger woman: PILLOW!
Rob Morrow: i use your tits for my pillow.
ginger woman: RED BALL!
Rob Morrow: why is this ball so big?
ginger woman: it's my yoga ball i sit on.
Rob Morrow: but all i see when you do yoga is you sitting, not this ball. oh, now i get it, i knew there was a reason i married you.

* Rob Morrow: which one in the family plays golf?
ginger woman: i bought those clubs as insurance in case you ever get out of line.

* Rob Morrow: wait, the car won't start!
ginger woman: is it a Tiguan?
Rob Morrow: yes.
director: cut.
Rob Morrow: the thing just died. right when we needed it the most.

* ginger woman: is the Navigational Computer up and on and running and working?
Rob Morrow: still updating. these updates will take 24 hours to load.
ginger woman: we literally don't have 24 hours to wait. i'm not just being my usual impatient self.

* ginger woman: TOILET PAPER!
Rob Morrow: use your hand. i got hand cream.
ginger woman: JUICER!
Rob Morrow: the only juicer i need is you. you get my juices flowing. you're my juicer.
ginger woman: i was talking about my vape.


happy weekend, my babies. root for the home country. what i mean is, root for South Korea. i'm excited for the new events. which i understand are exactly like the old events just done in teams.


Jules said...

Do you think Jenna Marbles pulls her face to her husband? And does he pull the Solomita face? *)

the late phoenix said...

they call each other otter. I try to stay away from high-profile youtube romances, my sweet, they depress me