Friday, November 18, 2016



* i was blown away by the new Wonder Woman trailer. my kind of noir spy thriller. vintage and full of dark color. old Hollywood romance. right up my scooter alley. i never had a thing for Wonder Woman growing up but i might now.

* that trailer really made my eyes moist. unlike the Star Wars trailer which made my parts dry cos i had to see Star Wars even if i didn't want to. first time i'd been in a movie theater in 15 years. did you know they serve nachos now?! honestly the only thing i remembered was Snoke. he looked like a giant Muppet. my ears were deaf for a week after.

* history is written by the electoral college.

* the nightclub is located next to the museum? what kind of city is this?

* Batman: Intergang moves in mysterious ways.
Wonder Woman: i'm not religious.

* Wonder Woman: what use could they possibly have for the Rosetta Stone?
Batman: dunno. Liliana Abud taught me language. the language of love.

* Wonder Woman: why is it called the Iceberg Lounge?
Batman: cos all the women in there are........uh, nevermind.

* Batman: they look drunk.
Wonder Woman: they're in love. same thing.

* Wonder Woman: aren't yellow cabs romantic?
Batman: gotta go. i'm an Uber driver. be right back.

* Wonder Woman: don't you want to have some fun with *curls hair around ear* someone special?
Batman: you mean like Liliana Abud?

* Wonder Woman: no dating for the Batman. it might cut into your brooding time.
Batman: i don't brood. i'm clinically depressed. it's a disease. i can't help it.

* Batman: dating within the team always leads to disaster.
Wonder Woman: Plastic Man has fucked every woman in the DC Universe. i'm assuming you know why.

* Batman: you're immortal, i'm a rich kid.
Wonder Woman: just waiting for you to kick the bucket so i can claim your inheritance.

* Batman: they'd come after me through you.
Wonder Woman crushes the head of the gargoyle.
Wonder Woman: i could do this to your head.
Batman: that is so hot.

* Wonder Woman: let's do it in my Invisible Jet so everyone in town can watch.
Batman: damn you kinky girl. i like kinky.
Wonder Woman: you do?
Batman: i spend all day in my parents' basement.

* Wonder Woman: saved by the bell.
Batman: i hated that show. felt i had to watch more than i wanted to. Screech's uncle taught me high-school Spanish. he was cool. but he was no Liliana Abud.


happy weekend


Jules said...

I see a new film - Batman and Wonder Woman in kinky role play. It's a box office hit. *)

the late phoenix said...

girls like the bad boys. from Emma Watson and Tom Felton's skateboard to the Princess and the Cowl. Wonder Woman has that rope for something...*)