Friday, October 7, 2016

what is IT?


* i really need to get out more.

* STAY INSIDE! for my hurricane peeps. stay safe out there.

* is the election over yet?

* look at the Oprah's Book Club logo. stare deep inside that O. ohm. ohm. Oprah owns the letter O................literally......she bought it...

* the best book clubs are solitary

* Bert is reading about our upcoming Lizard conquerors.

* you always have that one annoying roommate you can't get rid of...

* Sesame Street: anti-reading. *LeVar Burton cries from lack of funds*

* reading is brain exercise! anyone who reads knows this!

* no shoving, Ernie

* remember when tag was a beautiful childhood game and not another internet thing?

* i laugh like Ernie when i've had too much fizzy pop.

* 1:25: Bert: *thinking internally* what is life?

* 1:30: Bert: *thinking externally* what is life?

* i laugh like Bert when i've had too much bath salt.

* see these two take baths together and one day Ernie replaced his usual rubber ducky with a Death Star bath bomb that wasn't quite up to snuff (cos it was filled with snuff)


happy weekend. stay cool...

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