Monday, October 31, 2016


1. what makes you cry? CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK

2. the world is ending and you are on death row. or either/or. what would be your last meal? the weekend i had trying to secure the new taco salad from Wendy's. first my schedules mixed and i couldn't go. then when i finally got a second to breathe, there was a traffic jam. who needs newly-paved roads anyway? so i FINALLY get it and they forget the bowl of chili. it was just a salad. a nice salad but just a salad. later i went back and the bro at the window said he had my back: window bro said he deliberately didn't give me the chili cos the chili is nasty.

3. you must join a gang/crew, of the choices below which would you join?
before we start i'm not a joiner so that saved my life from the gangs. but i'll play along:
a) Rue Bella and the Annie Depressants, a crew of drag queens
b) aryan brotherhood of white supremacists
c) Secret Society of The Order of Chaeronea, fostering an understanding and acceptance of gay community and lifestyle
d) Free Hugs Club---monthly membership requirement of hugging 10 strangers a month
e) Quidditch Club---mandatory game every Sunday

i've seen those professional quidditch sports-league games on the internet. college sure has changed since i went. isn't the internet awesome? Sunday, i like that, quidditch is a religion. the Annie Depressants sound fun, and i do agree that the hug gets shafted in society in favor of the more popular kiss, but i'm gonna have to go with Chaeronea cos it sounds more Illuminaughty. really i just want to wear a robe and a pointy hat. i just want to belong to a club that meets once a month at a shadowy mansion to eat doritos in a circle.

4. who would make a better leader for the country, mom or dad? too late, early voting, voters have already voted.

5. if you could abolish one piece of modern technology, what would it be and why? the internet. the internet has destroyed society. we need to get back to reading scrolls. we need to get back to writing long, drawn-out letters to each other with quill pens with ridiculous feathers on them and an inkwell that's just about the size of a shotglass. we need to imprint our seal in hot wax on all our writings. and we need to skinny-dip in the moat by the castle in nothing but our Plague masks.

bonus: how did you celebrate Halloween this year? i'm in the middle of a seance trying to bring back Edgar Allan Poe from the dead. he's resisting. but i can't cast a proper spell with this apple in my mouth.


DO NOT EAT any of the candy you collect. you'll just get a tummy ache.


Jules said...

Rue Bella and the Annie Depressants - Next new band. I’ll play tambourine with glassy eyed wonder.

Eat Dorito’s in a triangle only. Illuminati style. Followed by a circle of Cinnabon.

OI owe you a quilled and wax letter of merit. Await this luxury in time. *)

the late phoenix said...

Christmas gift........not sayin' just sayin' ;) everyone needs a good waxing once in a while, especially down in Brazil *)