Monday, October 10, 2016


1. what is femininity to you in 50 words or less: CLICK HERE

2. how does femininity come into play in your sexual relationship? not to be binary about it but i feel deeply. i cry. i genuinely love moonlit walks on the beach. i like to see where the moon is positioned in the night sky. so that i may conquer it for Alexander the Great.

3. what is masculinity to you in 50 words or less: CLICK HERE

4. men, we often hear about women's body-image struggles? what are yours? i was always skinny as a toothpick. the bullies would lift me up and blow me away. literally. like a feather. i drank the bodybuilding shakes but i just wish they had a strawberry flavor. nothing worked. i was embarrassed and wore long sleeves and pants in the triple-digit heat of a Washington, D.C. retreat i attended. that only made me lose more weight as a sweated off a few more pounds. met my first girlfriend there. she wanted to become a senator. i wanted to write political thrillers. she was frantic when i went missing during dinner. i hadn't disappeared, i was just so skinny i looked like her chair. she sat on me and we started going steady right then and there.

5. men's gender-role conflict is a psychological state in which restrictive definitions of masculinity limit men's well-being and human potential. do you now or have you ever suffered from men's gender-role conflict? what are you doing to resolve this? yes. i was always the sissy. the pansy. the Dungeon Master which sounds cool but really isn't. all i can do is continue drinking the bodybuilding shakes.

bonus: does gender have any real meaning anymore? it's fluid. like all language now. urbandictionary has become the dictionary. that's why i love playing with words. it never gets boring the way it does when you play with other things. we live in an age where literally and figuratively literally and figuratively mean the same thing. we live in the age of the Everything Pizza, an ancient Buddhist concept. ask the Dalai Lama about it sometime. he gets the joke, he's just trolling you for the Lama lulz.



Jules said...

You're better at political black comedy. More suited to a skinny goth. Everything pizza *)

the late phoenix said...

i'm ready to write Series 5 of Blackadder. first episode: "'s me"

the late phoenix said...