Friday, August 26, 2016



* there is no such thing as fake crying..............think about it...

* even crocodiles get the blues

* that's the trick! water. humans need water.

* all through my childhood i thought it was duck tape. i would quack while the other kids did their assignments with their tablets of multicolor construction paper and kid scissors. my kid scissors were taken away and i was told to stand in the corner for being queer.

* taping things back together can be traumatic. i tried that with my mother's prized vase i broke. but she found out when she eavesdropped at my bedroom door. i should have just told the truth from the start. next time i'll blame it on my secret evil twin when he comes to visit in season 4.

* Home Depot: the greatest ever place to get stoned

* Bryce's boyfriend has never won an argument...

* Lowe's didn't have cosmic latte paint...

* Conan, you didn't go to TBS for the money.

* the trick is to keep your eyes dry. but my eyes are never dry cos i'm crying all the time.


happy weekend. gotta cut my toenails, they're so long they've become my fingernails


Jules said...

Too Dry To Cry - Willis Earl Beal. Make it your tune for the day and see that crocodile shed REAL tears.

Happy weekend my sweet! *)

the late phoenix said...

death is all around me, my sweet. but there are still pork chops *)

the late phoenix said...

i like chewing on the bone *)