Friday, August 19, 2016



* you're welcome.

* this is the type of stuff Fellini would be doing if he hadn't died.

* hot side of the tracks. trains can't run cos the tracks are melted.

* my dad always told me, "you can't live."

* it's tough to be tender. but it's not tender to be tough.

* see, that's all boxing was in ancient Greece, a way to let out sexual frustration. the ancient Greeks weren't repressed, they let it all fly, they were their true authentic selves. they just didn't give a fuck.

* my mom always told me, "love is a kick in the head."

* Gigi haDID 'em.

* Gigi Hadid for Catwoman.

* y'know why cities are so dangerous? too many balconies. also why cities are so romantic.

* my barber always told me, "if you're gonna lose, at least have your fingernails nice and filed. get your nails haDID."

* all art is destined to be stolen.

* all the ice cream melted...

* sorry, the sign clearly states you cannot have anyone riding you in your ice cream truck.

* in her way she loved us all...................our love was more platonic, but whatever.

* how to get women? snuggle with their pussies.

* after this, i'm hardcore into high fashion. all the luxury houses of Paris for me or it's a no-go. i sniff every perfume sample card stuck in the middle of boxy magazines and ask to try every fragrance at the mall. my wrist is worn out after all that pumping and spraying. i now know Marc Jacobs does not play shortstop for the Red Sox.

* eh, One Direction was kinda over already...


happy weekend


Jules said...

It's tough to be tender with a woman on a balcony, even though she might be wearing her balcony bra for added lift, but you can't live without elevation - ask Catwoman, when she's finished her extra creamy ice cream that she loves....platonically, naturally. I really don't know what I'm trying to say here or even in which direction my train tracks meander but, give it some thought as you walk in the sillage of my department store parfum medley. *)

the late phoenix said...

sillage, i love that word. not to be confused with silage, which sometimes smells bad. i'm not a nerdfighter but An Abundance of Katherines is just a cool title.