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click on the Crystalline Entity from Star Trek: TNG to start the new skin series. remember that episode? that poor old woman, coping with heartache over her killed son, slowly turning from dispassionate scientist to vengeful passion-filled scientist, a mother's love...can lead to some dark alleys. as for the skin-pic clicky, i've entitled it TO MY CRITICS


ha, yeah, but no, seriously, whassup, folks? it's been so long since i've talked with you. how are you? how's the weather where you are? it's difficult to maintain the relationship when you keep taking four-month hiatuses. where do you go? i don't mean to be a stalker, but i do wonder what has happened to you, what you're doing, where you traveled to: a romantic getaway in Paris? fucking in Rome? white-water rafting on the Moon? i know, i know, it's work or it's kids or it's life...those are three things i don't get troubled by anymore...never had to...

i dunno, this whole blogging thing...i dunno...i still feel that i have to walk on eggshells...i can't REALLY type what i REALLY feel...i can't express myself with full-on strength and no filter. society imposes filters, invisible filters, set rules you have to follow, just by being a human you are converted into a nice citizen, you have to account for others' feelings and sensibilities...i get that, i want so much to be a part of right society, i want to make friends and love those

i mean, as crazy as i am, i'm here to tell you that i'm operating at about 40% crazy level. folks, i'm still holding you want me to expand mine and your imagination to heights and depths only conceived of by God Himself after a few divine beers? i once raced God and won, but He told me not to tell anyone. in exchange, i was granted the mind i have. it was a fair exchange, i'll be analyzing the interesting thoughts which spill from my brainstem for eternity until i die. God will have to take over then...He will have to examine all the unique, insane, legal but just barely, world-changing, alien-induced thoughts of mine. i want to change the world...of my headspace. the depression helps with my creativity, my arts, my art, depression is good after all.

we must respect our Moon and the other planets, even poor Pluto and Planet X. is there other intelligent life out there in infinite(?) outer space? check that, is there any intelligent life at all, seeing as there's none on Earth? that joke, by the way, is as old as dirt, the dirt on the Moon. i don't mean to get green, but i'm Mean Green Gene, plant a fucking tree instead of ranting on hulu, water your ferns, and water your Aunt Fern, her favorite drink is Long Island Iced Tea, you never call her, do something that matters, if you're gonna destroy your body by downing 5 cans a day of that rancid Monster Energy Drink, you can at least recycle those damn cans. put them in the blue recycling bin, make sure your carbon foorprint is nice and clean, be a functioning member of society, think of others, not yourself, stand up and be counted, be a world citizen, a cool dude, a nice guy, it's not always about sex and cum...The More You Know...about yourself, your human self, the more you will be scared and frightened...we've only compassed a few miles of the human brain, much more left to traverse and learn, do we have the tools to talk to God? mind reading? but also are there tools within us to bring about our destruction? power works both ways. who am i? who am i really? Jung once said that the greatest thing we can do as humans is really REALLY discover who we really are. what is a human? what is the point? what is our purpose? what is a human being for? what do we do? what can we do? what are we really capable of? what truly motivates us? what is our path?

ew, what are those brown things in my chocolate bar? poo? no, they're almonds...mmmmm, almonds...





the late phoenix said...


Kazi G said...

I have always monitored my words to some extent and notice I do more now, knowing who reads me (before I didn't think anyone but Rider did, so I didn't think it mattered...).

And yet I love your train of thought, how it rockets along from subject to subject with seamless connectivity...


~Kazi xxx

Cheeky Minx said...

Perhaps it's not a case of a Jungian who or what we are but the questions we ask. And the skin we decide to flash. And the words we both censor and share. And the thoughts that race through our heads at night or fog the surrounds in the light of day.

Speaking of skin... *sigh*

Juliette said...

Hello my late phoenix. Right then, lets get down to it shall we?

You want to write what YOU want and how you really feel BUT are mindful of the critics? The readers? The none readers? The lurkers? Here's the thing: This is your blog. This is a place for you to say and do exactly as you feel. People (the aforementioned) can CHOOSE to read it or not. Yes, you may offend or scare people and I've no doubt that you already do as you tend to tell it how it is, ranging from the broken inner child to the pornographic. Some people won't like that, some people may be scared of it, some may find it vulgar and some may enjoy it. Regardless, if you're doing this, you should be doing it for yourself. Unless of course you want to be a people pleasing, shameless, attention seeking,sycophant.
Now, let me be straight. What? I already am? Huh? - When I first visited your blog I was a little uncomfortable. I found some of your pictures a little excessive, BUT I like to be pushed out of my comfort zone so I moved past that to your words. I was thoroughly entertained by your writing style; it's freshness, the random connections, the sadness and childlike questioning along with the 'in your face' desires and wants. There's a whole other story going on about you. That, is what any reader should be looking for when they come here. I like to take everyone as I find them, without judgement and see if it works for me. You won't please everyone, so please yourself.

Some famous journo or author, I can't remember (clearly not that famous then) once said "If your writing isn't upsetting someone , then you're not writing properly"

Always a good one to fall back on ;)

On the subject of human beings - well, a lot, lot, lot, more to learn. I think our capabilities are beyond our abilities of reason.

the late phoenix said...

kazi: seamless or seemless?

cheeky: babe, do you like my butt?...'cause i love yours...

juli: yeah, i dunno, i'm really tired, i feel like i've been blogging for 20 years straight through, May might just be my last month.

the late phoenix said...

oh yeah, look up Klimt's TO MY CRITICS.

AtiyaLuv said...

Kisses your arse!!

mmmmmmm I can now stop fantasizing of your chest, nipples and hands and concentrate on other areas *grins*

I only come to your blog for the materials you write, never the pics!

mi amor! muchos besos!!

the late phoenix said...

atiya: ha, yeah, i was thinking of you when i chose it, i thought it was long time for a new body part, my lusciously flat rear.