Monday, May 21, 2012


1. i strongly agree with/strongly like: cheese, i like cheese, i like cheese, i like cheese, LOITER SQUAD!!! check out that show on adult swim, just did last night, i think, my May schedule has been fucked, folks, i'm a bit loopy over here, so excuse me. i greatly admire cheese for all that it's done for me in my lonely years, but more importantly, i agree with all of cheese's positions on birth rights and the role of cows in society. you could say that i'd be cheese's campaign manager, for i stand with cheese on all planks of its platform.

2. i somewhat agree with/somewhat like: the word "somewhat", what does it really mean? it's a mystery of gradation, too much this way and it's really, the other way and it's not at all. how 'bout dating rules? what are the dating rules nowadays? am i supposed to pay for both of us to see a flick, or is it the new dutch liberating times we live in? i'm a starving artist, so i'll never have much money, but i still want sex, i want to fuck hard and sloppy so motherfucking badly...*crying*, i'm crying over here, i want it so bad...*wipes away tears on shoulder sleeve*..."keep it together, phoenix, desperation isn't attractive to web, if i had just had enough money to buy those hot tamales that one time with Grace, wouldn't need to be a web master anymore, would have been carnally sated."

3. i am indifferent and have no opinion on: just about everything in this fleeting world. have you ever heard the slogan, "the dead have no regrets."? huh? huh? yeah. i just hope i remember my life, my memories, when the worms come for me...

4. somewhat dislike or disagree with: my favorite book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes of course: "there is nothing new under the sun." now see, if i had been taught that in sunday school, i wouldn't have to use that ugly term *atheist* now, i coulda been a contender, i could have enjoyed my life in a happy-go-lucky way. man, i'm feeling horny at the moment, it's that new morning smell, y'know, i really need to you think House will commit suicide tonight in the series finale?, that's what everyone wants, but i just don't see that happening, i believe it would be a television first, having the main character of a popular tv series, a character that the audience has grown to love for all these years, actually end up killing himself in the end, i don't believe i've ever seen that, it would be a bold choice, have it be with no note either to increase the tragedy of it all and leave the internet fans squirming in their roll balls forever with theories as to why...random...okay, i feel better now, had my juice, the juice with the MOST PULP...*ahhhhh*

5. strongly disagree/dislike: i have a lot of fun at this blog, the comedy is what keeps me afloat and froggy for sex with babes at every second, but allow me this one moment of stark, dead seriousness: if i continue just blogging, blogging, day after day, i will go crazy, and you would love me if i ever went totally off the rails into oblivion. i strongly disagree with how the mentally ill are portrayed in society and media, being crazy is awesome, they are the best people ever because they've truly reached a point when they don't give a fuck about anything anymore. whether it's my fellow brothers and sisters on the streets, or those like me almost homeless, i say live and let live, understand one another, talk to the crazy old bearded man at the bus stop, he's a cool guy, he's my father, he's everyone's father, he's the world's father, and let us all live in peace and harmony, locked up forever in the mental institution that is named LIFE.

bonus: what is an opinion that is held by others that makes you angry? i never get angry, i keep it together, i learn to appreciate others' differences and varied stances, opposites attract, that makes for the hottest sex, have you ever actually ridden a true combined liberal/conservative sex swing? whoa nelly it's hott!!!!!...there is one thing, though, don't touch my pulpy juice in the morning, leave the fucking juice alone, we'll discuss The Hunger Games after, after i've had my juice...




Jack and Jill said...

I only somewhat agree with cheese. I disagree completely with the word "somewhat". I strongly disagree with Ecclesiastes. I am indifferent about froggy sex - How do you keep the froggies from exploding? However, I strongly agree with just about everything in this fleeting world.

I hope this doesn't mean that you and I can't be friends.


Vincent Vega said...

I strongly agree with cheese also. I strongly disagree with those freaky people with the inverted eyes.

the late phoenix said...

jj: feeling froggy is when you feel like fucking...and also when you feel like playing Frogger

vv: that House finale was inverted in a way, it wasn't quite suicide, in fact it wasn't suicide, all a nice trick involving degree and intention

Lava Lamper said...

I've never know that froggy is a term used for when you feel like you want to fuck.
You learn something new everyday and that.
Lot's of the people you follow make me feel rather froggy, if you know what I mean? Know what I mean?

the late phoenix said...