Wednesday, February 29, 2012



first, click on Stacy's mom for #2 in the series


our expectations are so SKY HIGH now,
but we must look back and laugh,
and the key is that we did indeed laugh,
when you caught me in the bathroom strokin'

just two young kids, who knew
we would end up growing up together?
and growing apart,
only to find ourselves again,
and find ourselves through each other.

now, we have nice adult talks and adult fucks,
we think ourselves so cool
too cool for school or rules,
you lick your big breast, i smile,
i cum in your mouth, i smile,
i eat you out, you smile
that's 2 to 1, that ain't fair!!!!!!

but then we smile together and hug each other,
an adult hug borne of years of understanding, lived life,
and a shared childhood memory, a dream...


1. have you ever gotten caught touching yourself? how did you handle the situation?

2. who is the STACY'S MOM in your neighborhood?




Daisygirl said...

I have gotten caught pleasuring myself on camera in front of the ex husband but making a video for the was AWKWARD! ;)

KaziGrrl said...

Yes, I've been caught by my husband a couple of times. Awkward...

I'm sure we must have one in our neighbourhood, but I've not caught sight of her in any event ;)

~Kazi xxx

Jack and Jill said...

Yes, we've both been caught. It's much easier when one of us catches the other than it was, say, when our parents caught us, or worse, a cop. Not that those scenarios have ever happened. No sir.

Jill is the Stacy's Mom in our neighborhood.

the late phoenix said...

daisy: i want to be your boyfriend, babe, that's a fucking hot sex tape! thanks for visiting, gorgeous :*

kazi: those stacy's moms are sneaky sexy

jj: cops...:O...yeah Jill!!!

The Naughty Clan said...

Oh! Brings back memories of being caught...thanks for playing along!

Cheeky Minx said...

I haven't been sprung in a while. I'd better do something to change that... ;-)

Anonymous said...

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the late phoenix said...

clan: memories, they can glorify and can kill

cheeky babes: sprung > sproing

lucia: i know we've only just met, but, well...i love you

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the final of Euro 2012. All spoke about Ukraine - a be!

the late phoenix said...

lucia: me, too, i suppose it's gonna be the dream final, huh?: spain vs germany