Monday, February 13, 2012


1. Cupid is the god of desire, affection, and erotic love. as the myth goes, whoever gets shot by Cupid's arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire. whom would you like Cupid to shoot on your behalf? i keyed in on the word SHOOT...oh, but it's love arrows, not...okay, well, never mind, then

2. after dinner at the FUCK YOU restaurant, while feeling amorous, you crack open some fortune cookies. interpret:
a) "your patience will be rewarded": i'll finally gain something from all this typing
b) "try something new": it's time for me to live (can only try this once)
c) "tis better to give than receive": that's a sex joke, right?

3. what is your special Valentine's message? Valentine's Day is a fraud, so have sex on this day, that way you'll be sending the message of FUCK YOU to all the candy- and flower-sellers, and you will be FUCKING, which is always by itself a good thing. see, double-sided *fuck* twinship with the word there

4. doin' something special for Valentine's or just another day? if it was just another day, i'd be crying: sad face: :(, but on Valentine's, i'll be more whimsical about things: whimsical face: :D + :I

5. as you give chocolate to your sweetheart for Valentine's, you realize that the chocolate is in the shape of your?:

a) cock: 99.99999% of all men surveyed
b) Harry Potter Wand: .00001%
c) heart of everlasting love for you, my woman, my lady, my queen <-------only I said that, only i said that out of a million men who were surveyed, i'm a little different from the crowd

bonus: what is the message on your own personalized valentine heart candy? man, those things are good, huh? i swallow those things up like a vacuum every year. can't stand those yellow, gooey Peeps, though, the baby duck candy, those things are gross.

my message? simple: TWO LOVE <------better than ONE LOVE, huh? huh? yeah...




Hedone said...

3. *giggle*

4. I like your whimsical face. Now show me that naked ;-)

5a. Hysterically funny and so true

5c. Awww...and probably very true also.

Bonus: I like your candy heart. It's both clever and sweet. you.

Happy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...and repeat :-)


nitebyrd said...

Peeps that have gone stale are much better than fresh peeps. The same can't be said for love, though.

Nolens Volens said...

You made me smile. :)

Jack and Jill said...

I'm surprised they don't sell chocolate Harry Potter wands. They've got tons of weird Harry Potter candy but no chocolate wands. Talk about marketing fail.

KaziGrrl said...

Standing out from the crowd is a good thing, yeah? :D

C'mere with that whimsical face... :*

~Kazi xxx

Ashly Star said...

Nice answers! Also, I agree with the stance on Peeps. Those are so gross. Happy Tuesday!

the late phoenix said...

hedone: my naked whimsical face: :D + :I + :O <---no clothes on, spots Hedone <---back to :D, and then *decadence*

nite: i'll just leave my head out on the window sill for a few hours. love you, my philosopher

nv: smiles all around

jj: you're on to something, i'm smelling the money as i type...

kazi: don't mind if i do :*

ashly babes: i'll be sure to buy you only the heart candy when we party ;)

Mia Wallace said...

1. I smiled at this answer. Don't we all have people on the to shoot NOT with a love arrow list?

3. Yeah! We'll show The Man!

Bonus: Bravo - Peeps are NASTY! I only like the white candy hearts. No, I'm not racist, they're deliciously minty and all the others are weird chalky fruity.

Dru said...

Your answers were quite hilarious. So sad about Whitney sob

Katie Archer said...

too funny...i tend to not be very romantic on this day...its so hyped up..oh well
your post made me chuckle...

the late phoenix said...

mia: mia wallace > M.I.A. at the Super Bowl. if i eat too much chalk, i think back to school, which is always a bad thing

dru: *group sob*

katie archer: i love the show Archer, and i LOVE your avatar. hot boobage always makes my day, much more so than the chalk