Monday, February 20, 2012


1. list ONE word to describe your last sexual encounter: GOD

2. describe your worst sexual experience and the fallout from it. dateline: college, she was the one i have been harboring a torch for ever since, the blonde, my fellow theatre-class student, i thought things were going well, the kisses, the longing looks, the hair-touching, i really thought we were going to go for it, do the skin dance, i set up a date at our cafe, she didn't show. i consider this my worst sexual experience even though we didn't do the nasty because i was already having sex with her in my mind, so it was like my body was missing out on what my brain was experiencing. the fallout was bad: dropped out of college, shut up in a small hole, and the worst decision yet: plugged into a computer, started a blog, the end is nigh

3. do you fuck outside the box? very dangerous question for me, but yes, yes i do, i'm normally a Burger King bathroom kind of guy, but one time i did do it at a jack in the BOX, was actually INSIDE the BOX, though, in the bathroom

4. do you live the BDSM way in every way, not just in the bedroom, is it your religion? of course it is, BDSM is my way of life:

B: bread
D: dairy
SM: salted meats

i've gotta eat a balanced meal each day, at least one, or it's hard for me to get out of bed in the mornings, must maintain that healthy diet to insure only the hardest of fucks in the bedroom.

5. how do you feel about your significant other fucking around with another person? wanna watch and/or join in? of course it's hot, i don't have any hang-ups when it comes to sex, i really don't, i'm all for absolute freedom and experimentation, if you feel it, move toward it, do it, embrace it, and fuck it silly. i'll join in, if you'll have me, i can even do the color commentary on our threesome sex tape which i'll then sell to the, no, just kidding, i'm not a bad person, i wouldn't do that, i know it's a private filmed moment between us can trust me, wink wink

bonus: fill in the blanks: i like it (BLANK) on the outside and (BLANK) in the middle.

i like it CRISPY on the outside and DOUGHY in the middle, that's the best kind of toast, a piece of toast which can carry the weight of the pat of butter on it. we are talking 'bout toast, right? getting back to the whole BDSM thing...?




angel shrout said...

bwhahaha I love your way of looking at things. I think we all have the one we dream about , trust me the real thing is usually no where near as good as the fantasy.

Hedone said...

3. buwhahahahaha!

4. I love your rephrasing of the question.
You should create some TMI Tuesday questions...hint, hint.

Great answer. And the food pics made me hungry. May I dine with you? Will you be my dessert?

5. "I can even do the color commentary on our threesome sex tape" <<< That would be hilarious and go viral on youtube

Bonus: (smart ass!) ;p

You amuse me...and make me want to use you up.


KaziGrrl said...

We are very very close on the bonus question ;)

Well, and also on the voyeurism, truth to tell.

~Kazi xxx

Jack and Jill said...

Jill once gave me head outside the bun, i.e. while going through a Taco Bell drive-thru.

I always thought SM stood for spaghetti and meatballs. Hmm. Learn something new every day, I guess.


Dru said...

I had quite a laugh at your answers to #4 and 5.
ROFL at 'I can even do the color commentary on our threesome sex tape which i'll then sell to the tabloids'.
The food pics made me hungry too.

the late phoenix said...

angel S: without fantasy, i am cipher

hedone: that would be fun to write up the questions for one week. love the tune, hey, we should swap our music collections...after we swap our fluids

kazi: i LOVE to watch

jack: everyone's been inspired by that Digital Underground song

dru: i'm about to have my one meal a day, a nice big breakfast

Rory said...

I miss Jack in the Box... But not as much as I miss Carl's Jr... And Walmart. Fuck it, I miss America.

Love what you did with the questions!

Katie Archer said... had me rolling on the "Burger King kind of guy" answer..and so did your bonus answer...very funny stuff :)

the late phoenix said...

rory: im with you on Carl's, the absolute best juicy fatty greasy burgers around. hey, come back to us, we need you here in America! ;)

K ARCHER: i'm rolling in the deep...