Monday, April 30, 2018


1. would you rather wrestle naked in a pool of Jello or chocolate pudding? my subscription came in and i started watching CourtTV all day wall-to-wall last week. least for now i better choose neither.

2. would you rather have sex in your parents' bed or at a mattress store? CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK

3. would you rather have sex on a beach in Hawaii or behind a waterfall in Brazil? you would think behind the waterfall would give you more privacy, and a nice view, but it's actually a Playboy Grotto situation. i want to go back to a place where leaders don't tweet out everything. like your location to the cops or war plans. in this crazed age of hours, made more crazed by unchecked tech and a check made out to a transaction, you must desperately guard your little secret spot o' privacy by the palm trees before it's found out. by Government Google Maps.

4. would you rather be on top riding your lover all night or taken/taking them from behind all night long? why? i'm skinny and a lightweight and airy so i don't mind being on top. that can cause configuration-confusion when i start bouncing up and down so we usually settle on the ass. it's weird but i usually end up having the smaller ass. and after the 3 minutes are over, i push play on my cassette of Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long" which coincidentally is also 3 minutes long.

5. would you rather have sex with only one person watching but they know it's you or with 50 people watching and have them not know it's you?

i only want one person to ever watch me fuck. Crayzar. i want Crayzar to maintain that reassuring smile of his as he dispenses sex advice to me directly into my withering earhole with his sweet whispery nothings. his smile isn't glued on with cosplay glue, that's how he really looks. the last time i admit was difficult cos i couldn't quite get what Crayzar was telling me. part of this has to do with the understanding-barrier cos i'm a mortal and he's a god. but it also had to do with Crayzar ordering me not to cum when i was peaking with my peeper right at the edge. that's easy for him to say, Crayzar has no genitalia.

bonus: would you rather have to pay for sex or be paid to have sex? explain. both. allow me to explain. it's complicated. time travel always is. i'd pay myself for sex, that's perfect love. it's like the situation involving Zamasu and Goku Black. check out the last few episodes and delve into the mystery. did you see how those two Big Bads were hugging each other the other night? that's perfect love right there.




Jules said...

Wrestling in jello (AKA properly as jelly) would be fun: like playing on a water bed or an edible bouncy castle. Flavoursome fun!

I’m going for the waterfall in Brazil. This will help wash the jelly off.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy.

We write blogs - 50 people are always watching.

Get paid and invest in a jelly company. *)

the late phoenix said...

Cronuts called me up out of the blue and said she was having a dream where she was riding a brown cow and was being filled with jelly. I told her that wasn't a dream.

mah dahlin you are the only one who reads this blog. I write it all for you *)

Jules said...

And I will always read it forever. *)