Friday, May 27, 2016



* sugarcube in your coffee?

* still waiting on that WATER episode...

* balls

* 1:18: my favorite shape is coin.

* 2:24: which way does a woman spin? that is the nature of illusion..............can i get your number? i'm really into's all an illusion, folks...

* 2:47: finally

* 3:41: early man

* 4:25: this is actually what the afterlife is like. there's no room. nobody has their own personal space anymore.

* 5:02: Trump confirmed for son of Xavier: Renegade Angel, so he wasn't born in this country. for Xavier is a spiritual being who lives everywhere.

* 6:00: that egg looks good. haven't had breakfast yet.

* 6:15: first iteration of Voltron. gave kids nightmares so they changed it to robots.

* 7:00: raver protip: don't mix your purple drank with your E.

* 7:58: see? they don't want to invade us, they want to dance with us.

* 8:20: this fall on UPN: The PJs are back! but it's a prequel. Thurgood in college with his co-op mates. they meet the California Raisins back when they were grapes in one episode. please tune in, each of these episodes took five years to make. if you can't, be sure to tape the episodes with your VCR, Nielsen says that still counts.

* 8:24: that's how you avoid copyright, you just make the protected characters a different color.

* 8:41: you don't have to blow on a claymation Nintendo cartridge, but they still overheat.

* 9:20: bring back rad into the public discourse! remember when things were rad? i want to hear Bernie say rad.

* 10:01: OMG, Penny! that's the one thing i want to find out from the Pee-wee reboot: what happened to Penny? i'm sure she's a dime now.

* 11:10: premature


happy weekend. it's finally summer! pray for me


Jules said...

Balls, morning eggs and shady coloured characters. I can see where this is going....*)

the late phoenix said...

or as i call it: Wednesday. especially tomorrow on my day off *)