Friday, May 20, 2016


...and we're back. so you know the deal. whomever the Derby winner is i automatically take for this race cos dibs and all that. though that Cherry Wine sounds good right about now as i'm having breakfast naked on my front lawn. at 7AM. some thought sit-ups:

* if the Triple Crown is won again this year, is it actually bad for the sport?

* Nyquist. y'know, looking back, over-the-counter medication was a bad idea, huh?

* i will forever never know how to spell pharaoh ever again.

* Uncle Lino, no relation to Uncle Sigh. oh, i forgot, all horses are Princess Celestia's children.

* you don't wear hats to the Preakness. if you do, you make sure the brim is backwards.

go crazy in the comments. really.


happy weekend


the late phoenix said...


Jules said...

Missed it AGAIN. I'm clearly meant to stay out of the races this year! *)

the late phoenix said...

no worries, mah dahlin, the Belmont will REALLY not be like last year. Nyquist is running a temperature and won't run in the Belmont poor boy. hope the horse feels better and gets well, that's all that matters in the end. the NBC execs are chewing their fingernails cos it's gonna be an all-time low rating. they might as well put on an SNL repeat instead and see how it fares. nothing from the past 20 years, i'm thinking the first one with George Carlin *)