Friday, April 29, 2016



* i will never consider this the final piece of Childrens Hospital. that show had a series finale that can only be described as epic, watch it sometime.

* J. Geils Band: i'm also gonna go ahead and pretend "Love Stinks" doesn't sound like "Smells Like Teen Spirit"...

* call 867-5309 to order. ask for Jenny.

* Tim Heidecker freaks out and goes crazy better. the thing with Tim is, the anger is so raw and real, you never know if it's acting.

* filmed entirely on location at Deepak Chopra's white house

* Obama had the same teleprompter troubles.

* never use your semen to determine anything about you.

* Giles's cowboy hat has holes in it to keep out the flies.

* the "bobby" blooper was said in real life then rewritten into the script. blows your mind i know.

* boom mic operated by dirty Bernie millennial

* nepotism. it gets you in the end.

* Budweiser clydesdales don't poop.

* despite the squeezing tits, not Ron Jeremy

* tasty snacks.................and the stuff on the audition table looks good, too

* that is Kenny Rogers

* Giles: it's not a bounce to my gait, i permanently fucked up my knee pretending i was Tony Hawk.
stand-in: when you were a kid?
Giles: yesterday.

* in acting, there is no such thing as too big. (thank you, college acting professor with the hippie hair who changed my life but whose name escapes me at the moment. i'll pour one out to you after i'm done here. if only i had stayed in college long enough to audition for Hamlet 'n Da Hood the next semester like i was supposed to...)

* it's easier with the star breathing down your neck. we'll take the star out in editing.

* why is the green-screen green?

* always quit before you're fired. take the money and run.

* when you gotta water, you gotta water.

* hotter with the mustache

* fake pool, like every pool in L.A.

* no matter how hard you try, you can't fire God.


happy weekend. namaste.


Jules said...

I called Jenny but she couldn’t talk because Tim was going crazy about his order.
“Tell him to knock at the back for for chicken,” I told her.
“I can’t it’s being used by Obama at the moment,” she sighed.
I put on my cowboy hat and had a think. I thunked a lot and then began to sing “Lucille” but realised i didn’t sound as good as Kenny because I didn’t drink enough water to grow whiskers. I went to the art shop to buy stick on moustaches and it made everything seem much better. *)

the late phoenix said...