Monday, April 4, 2016


1. springtime we start to show more skin. do you shave (legs, chest, pubic area, back) more in the spring than you did in the winter? yes, in preparation for this summer. it's all shaved, all of it. you guys it's true! i trained hard and i qualified! i beat the trials! i'm going to Rio! *takes victory lap in swimming pool* i'm gonna play the part of the snake in next year's Carnival parade. they took one look at me and said i was born to play this role.

2. do you or would you have sex with the windows open in the spring? it's such a breath of fresh air, both meanings, to fuck in the spring. i'm so used to Burger King bathrooms.

3. does your body confidence improve as the weather gets warmer and your body is less covered? CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK

4. does warmer weather turn you on? a) yes, see more skin, get turned on b) i like winter, i like to make body heat c) i get friskier and flirt more come spring but don't cum more d) it's a nightmare! i am self-conscious about showing more of me, warmer weather and skimpy clothes just bring out my insecurities.

i'm goth. i hate the sun. that being said, a

5. love, romance, sex. for you, which of these gets better in spring? you mustn't have one without the other, all three go together like a menage a trois in a Paris cafe. ah, the springtime of youth. love is in the pollen-filled air. i wanna be in a threesome so bad.

BONUS: thinking of a current relationship that is important to you, what "spring cleaning" needs to be done. meaning assessing what serves you what do you keep and what do you throw away?

i'm a hoarder. i wanna be on tv so bad.



Jules said...

It must be all three, always. Three is the magic mansion number. *)

the late phoenix said...

there are mansions in them thar hills, i pass by them everyday on my morning constitutional and particular magic mansion always catches my eye...*)