Friday, April 8, 2016



* Hardcore Henry eat your heart out

* if you slowed this down to normal speed, with some secret youtube program as simple as pushing a button i know not of, it wouldn't make sense. there would be awkward pauses and the special effects wouldn't match the action. the actors would step on each others' lines cos they wouldn't know their cues.

* Karen Wetterhahn is actually a tragic real-life story.

* no hammock is more important than Mr. Belding.

* don't underestimate janitors. the janitor from Scrubs won Jeopardy.

* those kids attending the anti-drug rap are on speed!

* i had one of those children's record players. i played that Disneyland record over and over and over.............Walt Disney is my father...

* red is not the color of love, it's the color of ginger.

* hey kid, no crying over spilled milk.

* chuckwash is worse than chuck.

* can you imagine the person who started the first ever food fight? that person got up on the table, yelled FOOD FIGHT!, and began tossing the spaghetti on the plate everywhere. no one else participated and that person was sent to the mental institution to "rest".

* underpants over your head=overpants

* this is right before the events of 1984.

* this is right before the events of A Clockwork Orange.

* nothing good ever happens in a boiler room. Heathers?

* you can't build a robot. only God can.

* WALL-E let himself go.

* school sux.

* good to see Dr. Gero writing manuals again.

* Ms. Wampler loves robots.

* Benito gets a show but George Lopez can't?!

* Palpatine let himself go.

* this is right after The Terminator. we know what to do this time.

* this is why i don't shower.

* first draft of "All Is Full of Love" video

* at least the robot removes the graffiti. wait, that's stifling art. nevermind. bad robot.

* speaking of Nevermind, basketball net from the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video

* do not eat the hot dogs from the caf.

* she's a small wonder...

* this movie is 4 hours long, cut for broadcast.

* come on, Spieth, let Rory complete the grand slam. don't score the ball too much. let's have an exciting back nine on Sunday. let's have Villanova/North Carolina down the stretch and a Thrillanova finish.


happy weekend


Jules said...

I got distracted by underpants *)

the late phoenix said...

Squarepants? the early seasons? and now that the original creator has come back maybe a revival? haha, yeah i know him. i did an innocently-naked version of this when i was a boy. that's another story...*)