Friday, May 29, 2015



* the cat is a girl. if he had said "go get help, girl,"...

* this cat is very wary being in the desert and everything where a lot of strange stuff goes down. the cat is not worried about Mad Max or Dragon Ball Z Kai, the cat is worried about Alf.

* they say if you're in quicksand, stop flailing your arms and remain perfectly still, you'll sink more slowly. so there you go. that's all the man had to do, he would have been fine. check back with him the next day, help should be there by then.

* this is actual footage of Indiana Jones early in his career leaked to the press by Indiana's mother. he should have eaten all his peas. Indiana has since stated in the papers that it would have been less embarrassing if his mother had splashed his baby pics showing his bare butt all over instagram.

* this ad was funded by the Lassie For President campaign. the campaign has really gotten ugly.

happy weekend


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