Monday, March 31, 2014


1. what's the wallpaper on your device (phone, laptop, PC)? is it the same or different on your devices? one word: ThunderCats...the '80s version. it used to be one word: Smurfs..............okay, Snorks.

2. what's on the desktop of your device? like icons and such. not porn. whatever you think about me, it's not true. no porn, just stuff like trying to find a job and going to church.

3. what type of device do you use most often? looking back, i was in such a rush to get ANY ipad, i got the ipad mini when i should have waited a little longer, saved up, and gotten myself a new laptop. not that i don't enjoy scrunching my fingers up into a little ball whenever i want to type something out to someone...

4. how many devices do you own including smartphones? two if you count my dying desktop that...just i loved him.

5. do you make sexy videos with your smart phone? no, but i make some using my phone from the '70s with the really really really long coiled cord. i still say those were the coolest phone designs ever, no other future model will ever come close. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman...

6. do you video-chat naked or have virtual sex using your computer? YOU CAN DO THAT?! THAT'S A THING?!

......................excuse me........................give me two minutes...................

7. how many naked photos of your whole body or your body parts have you taken with your smartphone? billions and billions like our stars. i don't do that anymore 'cause i'm shy. remember HNT..........?

8. what is the most photographed part of your body? it's a tie between the forehead i permanently pockmarked when i was playing Super Grover as a kid (which explains so much now), my slamma-damma-ding-dong, and my third eye.

bonus: post a photo of the most photographed part of your body. here's the thing: it's my third eye, but my third eye only reveals itself when i meditate and my eyes are closed. i suppose i could leave the camera on a tripod and trick it that way, but my third eye has already seen all the Paranormal Activity movies and knows how to avoid capture.

bonus bonus: do you use a screensaver? if yes, post a pic of it: see above :)




Juliette said...

Two minutes? I thought it was four..

Kazi G said...

I love those extra pics you post... especially the cat and mouse ;)

Yes, I remember HNT fondly :)


~Kazi xxx

JustLikeHeaven said...

That is awesome you have thundercats, smurfs, and snorks, those are my favorite cartoons.

primadonna25 said...

hahaha love the cereal lol

primadonna25 said...

I love the cereal lol

the late phoenix said...

juli: four when i'm in love.

kazi: i found out about the scene two years too late. i wish i would have been a part of HNT 5/6/7 years ago when it was really humming.

jlh: i lived my magic childhood in the magic '80s.

prima: the Force is within us all...who eat cereal.

Anonymous said...

you had me at thundercats!
Happy TMI Phoenix!

the late phoenix said...

anon: what came first? ThunderCats or Kansas St.?

1manview said...

Nice post, I like the pics, to hard to pick a favorite...


AtiyaLuv said...

OOOPS...anonymous is mee!! i guess i wasn't signed in

Sammi said...

hooray for thundercats!

Happy TMI

the late phoenix said...

1man: i just typed in "weird screensavers" and held on for dear life.

atiya: thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder cats! in the '80s version, at least Snarf was useful.

sammi: thunder thunder thunder thunder...dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN GROWL! (end theme)