Friday, January 31, 2014


what we know:

* (i'm scared of Roman numerals. i bow to their majesty. i love them, but i fear misusing them, so i don't touch them, i admire them from afar.)

* Richard Sherman Tank is one of those cool cats who is annoying if you're playing against him but you'd love to have him as a teammate. "Crabtree" is NOT a synonym for "mediocrity", it was one play, people, jeez. for instance, the following is NOT correct:

Steven Universe has been criticized for promoting Crabtree.

* at the line of scrimmage, Peyton is actually calling out OMG! in true internets lolz fashion.

* winter will always be cold, and The Weather Channel's Maria LaRosa will always be hot.

what you may not have known:

* Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree are secret BFFs, they instagram and favorite each others' instapics and everything, they even video-chat at night when their parents fall asleep.

* Peyton actually doesn't like Omaha Steaks.

* it's not gonna be as cold as everyone says. the Frozen Tundra is not just a Packers thing, the entire Earth is really one big snowball. thank goddess for the sun and our planet's molten core and the hardworking underground mole people who keep us from becoming an icy, barren wasteland. of course there's always still the possibility of our world becoming one big ocean one day, a giant ocean with no more land............Atlantis 2.0.

you all know the deal by now, right? "What's Your Deal?!"<===infamous Harbaugh/Carroll exchange. predict the score of the Super Bowl this Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos. the winner of this blog game is the one who chooses the actual winning team and is closest to the actual final score. use my entry in the comments as a guide. the prize for all your trouble is 3 clever comments from me to your blog. i wanted 4 but Legal said that wasn't feasible. enjoy, have fun, and let's all meet up back here on Monday for the results!........that is if i haven't overdosed on Doritos (commercials).

don't let the two logos up above fool you, these teams aren't on anything other than pure adrenaline and excitement for the Big Game.



the late phoenix said...

broncos 20-17

i want the old guy to make history by winning a ring with two different teams as a starter, so sue my bleeding heart.

Pornographicus said...

Frankly, I'm more excited to watch the Puppy Bowl this year.

Seahawks - 28
Broncos - 20


Over/under on there being any truly good commercials this year: 0.5

Over/under on how long it takes the Red Hot Chili Peppers to do something that pisses off people in "red" states: 5 minutes

Over/under on how long into the game before at least 50% of U.S. viewers are sick of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman: 44 seconds

the late phoenix said...

graphicus: hi there, thanks for playing, great bets, cat-lover here, so my one prop bet is 100% of me going to the store for cat food, it's almost gone. i'll go Under The Bridge trying to avoid any Scar Tissue as i travel in the great state of Californication.

nitebyrd said...

I like Peyton. The Seahawks have better uniforms but since Dan Marino can't get a Super Bowl ring, I want Peyton to get another.

Broncos - 21
Seahawks - 17

the late phoenix said...

just getting off my Doritos high with lots and lots of coke

thanks for playing, nite! poor Peyton :(


nitebyrd said...

I cried a little for Payton last night. My Buffalo Chicken Dip got a little watery.

Congrats to Pornographicus!

the late phoenix said...

if i would have had any sort of dip this last weekend, my vitals would have dipped...

Juliette said...

Fashionably late again...