Friday, January 3, 2014



Anybody But Alabama...

...wait...oh yeah...forgot about that...Auburn, i think i love you:

that's why in true Pokemon fashion, I choose you!

hey, do you think i'll ever get to see this again in my lifetime?:


just a pipe dream i suppose

pass the pipe

so it's Undefeated vs Destiny this Monday night, the undefeated team of Florida State against the Team of Destiny. how did Auburn get so much destiny down itself? if you don't already know, youtube the highlights of Auburn's two games against Georgia and Alabama, i won't say any more than that, i'll let you experience the magic firsthand for yourself, spoilers and all that, River Song would be on my ass, which would be quite pleasurable actually.

Vegas has Florida State in this game big, but Destiny always trumps Vegas, unless we're talkin' 'bout Donald Trump's hair flapping in the wind.

this is for all the marbles/footballs/bubblegum balls. this is the only game which matters, all of the other Bowl Games are for show, though they have been quite entertaining. next year we finally get that playoff. hopefully it's expanded in the coming years. baby steps as they say. hopefully i'll still be alive to experience a proper 8-team playoff. maybe by then i'll have my own baby. i already have all of you blog babies.

if you want to play this blog game, it's so simple a phoenix can do it. simply choose either Florida State or Auburn to win the big game Monday night and predict what the final score will be. follow my lead, my entry in the comments. the winner of this blog game is the one who firstly correctly predicts the winning team and then is closest to the actual score. the prize is 3 comments from yours truly at your blog place. lucky you. hell, lucky me.

let us all convene back here Tuesday morn for the results. thanks for playing, everyone! btw, i'm predicting before the prediction that only one other person besides me will play this, let's see if i at least get that prediction's gonna be zero, huh? blogs are dead, FML.

don't feel too bad for Bama, there's still AJ McCarron's girlfriend and Nick Saban is still Nick Satan, all of his evil powers remain intact, making him still more powerful than Ganon.




the late phoenix said...

auburn 20 florida state 17

Pornographicus said...

Auburn - 35
Florida State - 33

the late phoenix said...

hello there, Graphicus, and thanks for playing!

happy '14 :)

nitebyrd said...

I must go for FSU - 28
Auburn -17

I won't be watching the game. I'm sick of football.

the late phoenix said...

nite: me, too. thanks for playing! happy '14 to you and yours :)

Pornographicus said...

Well, I was closest on the score. :) Congrats to the 'Noles...who should be an SEC team anyway.

the late phoenix said...

graph: :)

florida state 34-31

party like it's 1999

Goodbye Imperfect System will now be my latest band's name

Nite wins!

Juliette said...

I don't understand. Me be british..

the late phoenix said...

juli: i'm the biggest Anglophile who has ever lived.