Wednesday, September 19, 2012


first, click on the falling, or is it flying?, a position of helplessness to a position of strength, huh?...for #3 of 4
THEN, please answer the following questions:
1. which of the Seven Deadly Sins do you practice daily? how?
2. have you ever been involved with a burning in effigy? what was the cause?
3. who gives you the anger? the nerve?
4. what's something you only want a taste of?
5. in what style of dance are you dancing to this song right now? breakdance? moshing? polka?


the late phoenix said...

1. lust. how? by blogging
2. saving the whales...big ass bonfire
3. anger: those that interrupt, nerve: cable company
4. your luscious clit...after i eat an entire whole lemon cake
5. email me and i'll send you a youtube clip of me quietly breakdancing to this in my room

Ms. B said...

1. I don’t sin. But, I suppose on occasion I practice lust with great greed, enjoying gluttony with no waste but lots of pride. If I don’t get what I want I will show my wrath but when I get it good I will become a sloth and envy the energy he still has.
2. Nope.
3. Anger is mostly stupid people. The nerve is bad drivers.
4. I can’t have just a taste… if I want it I want the whole damn thing.
5. I’m not dancing, I head bobbing and not like you just pictured!

Secret said...

1. LUST! I lust everyday at the gym or on the street. I can't help myself.
2. Never.
3. Anger - bad parenting, Nerve - bad service
4. Can't think of something right this moment. Still thinking about the lemon cake comment by phoenix.
5. Not dancing, just bobbing head to the beat. Polka? LOL

phairhead said...

It all comes down to this: your kiss, your fist....

KaziGrrl said...

!. Oh, definitely lust! Envy occasionally.
2. No, but I have threatened to make a dartboard out of someone's picture. Does that count?
3. People who show willful ignorance.
4. Fame
5. Foggy Mountain BREAKdown!!!!!!

~Kazi xxx

Missed Periods said...

1. I don't need to practice the sins anymore; I've perfected them.
2.Joe Biden. The cause: misusing and overusing "literally" in a recent speech.
3. Anger: when I crack an egg to make an omelet, and a little bit of the shell gets in and it's so slippery I can't get it out. Raaaar! Nerve: I don't know. I'm too angry about the egg situation.
4. My own medicine
5. Riverdancing

the late phoenix said...

B: i like a woman who enjoys the full range of sin. we must bob *heads* together sometime...

secret: that lemon cake was good

phair: your kiss > your fist

kazi: foggy mountain, looked that one up and sign me up, that's musical history right there!

missed: omigod, i literally just had the same experience as you this morning not ten minutes ago, two stray egg shells got mixed into my egg batter, it was too much of a hassle to fork them up, had to swallow down my fried egg pretending that those two weren't in there even though i knew they were, scary stuff, literally...i talked too about Biden's literallys some posts down at this here ol' blog place

Atiya Luv said...

1. Lust - for the one that I want and can't have and Envy for the one who is with him :(((((

2. Nope

3. Anger - me, myself and I for been such a pussy!... Nerve - those hideous answering services when i call a bill and cant understand me cause of my accent!!

4. YOU!!!

5. pole dancing *grins*


the late phoenix said...

atiya: i love your accent, and i love your pussy...;)

Nolens Volens said...

1. Daily? None, then.
2. Not a firebug
3. The anger? Seeing parents mistreat their kids. The nerve? My own kids
4. A certain friend. ;)
5. Gently swaying in my chair

Ms. B said...

Haha... I knew you'd like that. ;)

Cheeky Minx said...

Ooh, you always know how to point the way and lead me astray... Time to focus.

1. I'm an equal opportunity sinner. (Today it's luscious Lust...)
2. I'm more of a Voodoo doll kind of gal. They're easier to carry in my handbag.
3. Anger: Ignorant, intolerant, uncritical people; Nerve: Creators of muzak.
4. Wisdom.
5. Lap, lap, lap.

the late phoenix said...

nv: okay, every two days, then...

B: always, always...i'm single, btw, remember, i got divorced in the last post :)

cheeky: babes, make a voodoo doll of me and pin me in all of the doll's naughty spots whenever i go astray, that's how i'll know you still care, it's the good pain...and then if you feel bad about it, there can always be a lap dance, y'know

Ms. B said...

OH, did you? I didn't realize... I'm so sorry to hear that, do you need consoling? Haha!

Atiya Luv said...

*says with a Spanish accent* "it is why I love you"
wink wink!