Wednesday, September 5, 2012



click on the solitude above to start up the new series, 1 of 4. if you stare at my belly button long enough, it will start to shake like a bowl full of jelly.


THEN, please answer the following questions:

1. when you sing this song in the shower, do you sound more like Cee Lo or a shrieking banshee?
2. ink blot or ink, meaning tattoo? or a tattoo of an ink blot? bonus points if you link to a picture of your tats.
3. who is your favorite ever basketball player? Charles Barkley perhaps?
4. are you more crazy or eccentric?
5. if you had to spend the rest of your days at one location, would you choose a monastery or an insane asylum?




the late phoenix said...

1. some of my best friends are bwb: banshees with benefits

2. my tats, my tats...i feel a future TNH pic coming on

3. Jordan, now and forever. Amen. **** Kobe

4. you're eccentric if you have lots of money, you're crazy if you're poor

5. insane asylum, did you see how much fun everyone was having in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"?!

phairhead said...

Crazy as performed by Gnarls Barkley on Top of the Pops finale show BEST. EVER.

Cheeky Minx said...

Ooh... Your photo made my heart skip a beat. But this fabulous song has just given it a jump start. (Love Cee Lo!)

1. Banshee, definitely, in and out of the shower.
2. Boringly, it's blot for me. I have too many beauty spots for ink on this body.
3. Why would you put good balls in a basket? I can think of better places to keep them snug and warm.
4. I'm forever aiming for the dizzying heights of eccentricity.
5. The asylum. At least you can come very loudly there and no one will blink a lid.

Gorgeous, babe... ;-)

Secret said...

Agree with #3. All of it!

Twisted Angel said...

Ummm the pic. Oh the places my mouth could go and would go on you... I have no tattoos although I love them. Huge fear of needles.. HUGE.. Yes I can sing.. have proof on Youtube, so can my oldest.. check out angelwithsingedwings on Youtube. ahem. Insane asylum duhhhh, hell I am in one in this house everyday. Crazy definitely.

KaziGrrl said...

I can already tell I'm gonna love this new series... ;)

1. Not that I ever sing this particular song in the shower but I would wail it like the best melodic banshee ever!
2. Sorry, no tats here! I have never found any art I would want to commit to my body on a permanent status.
3. Heh. Larry Bird, actually, followed by Magic Johnson.
4. It's a close race. I would say eccentric. My friends say I'm a special kind of nuts.
5. Insane asylum... I'd blend right in ;)

~Kazi xxx

Jack and Jill said...

1. Depends on the day.
2. I have no tats. I'd link to a random tattoo, but it's 12:30 and I'm tired.
3. I'm more of a Pistol Pete Maravich fan.
4. Crazy. I'm not wealthy enough to be eccentric.
5. Insane asylum. Don't monks have to take a vow of silence? Celibacy too, I think.

Nice pubes, man!

the late phoenix said...

phair: i just checked it out, it was costumed and awesome

cheeky: blink a lid, ha, love that. the insane asylum is trying to cut down on costs, so i'm thinking we could share a bed...

secret: Shaq wants Kobe to taste a certain part of Shaq's anatomy...

twist: i love youtube, i'm addicted to it like crack, i want to break free, but there's always that next opportunity to leave a comment

kazi: i consider my tats my children, my permanent children, with me forever 'til i die. oh well, this is my family now, i guess i can't complain...

jj: when i went to the monastery for my week trial run, all the monks complimented me on how lovely my curly pubes were. i'm in, that's one step closer to taking my vows

Ms. B said...

I just realized I am supposed to be clicking your pictures… how do you do that! It’s like a fun surprise! I was wondering why there wasn’t anything naughty from the hangout.

1. Cee Lo… it’s disturbing!
2. Ink, definitely ink. My tat’s posted are a no can do.
3. I LOVE BASKETBALL!! I have to go with Kobe since I’m a Laker fan… the guy has skills. I love college basketball ‘cause it’s all about “Chillin’ out maxin’, relaxin’ all cool and shootin’ some BBall…”
4. Mostly cRaZy, certainly!
5. I have spent too much of my life with crazy people and being a little insane myself. So at this point I’d probably go with Monastery just to change it up!

Missed Periods said...

1. Cee Lo Dion
2. No tats for me
3. Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf
4. I prefer to think of myself as exotic.
5. A monastery because don't they brew beer?

the late phoenix said...

B: just think, if the Fresh Prince had taken the long way home, he wouldn't have met with a couple of guys, there'd be no show, and the world would've been deprived of the best dance ever, the Carlton Dance

missed: Celine Dion is my mother. that shot from Michael the Teen Wolf is still in the air, no one knows whether or not it went in all these years later. yes, you are exotic, and i am in love with you. yeah, i should've tried that delicious Trappist Beer when i was up there, instead i had to digest that terrible hard fruitcake...

viemoira said...

oh my lower, lower...

you know where to find them ;)
n/a don't do basketball
yes and yes
insane asylum is much more interesting