Wednesday, September 26, 2012


click above on an examination into the interior self to pop this series into a release and finish
THEN, please answer the following questions:
1. when did you give/receive your first hummer? underneath the bleachers?
2. Sin, what are you gonna do, huh?
3. are you happier when dreaming or when you're living in the real world?
4. what's the first thing you do when you're disenchanted?
5. do you feel love is real?


the late phoenix said...

1. give: i don't want to talk about it receive: yesterday, that Big Bird is a freak
2. tell me about it...
3. MTV show notwithstanding, when i'm in the dream state, the real dream state when you're REM (not the band) sleeping, that's where you go permanently when you die, not the real world, which is a false reality, we are all each others' dreams, I am I
4. marry the bag lady at the homeless shelter
5. nope

Anonymous said...

I wish you and the bag lady well :)

Have a great weekend.


the late phoenix said...

hey, where is everybody? the post-summer loneliness is getting to me...

Twisted Angel said...

I'm sorry what were the questions?? I am still trying to imagine what is below that line on the click through pic and how good it would feel between my breasts and my tongue teasing its tip as you stroked there.. now what .. oh never mind can't get off the pic.. although I am sure I can get off with it.. ahem

Jack and Jill said...

1. I've never given OR received a Hummer. I tend to stay away from large gas-guzzlers.

2. I guess I'll sin.

3. Definitely living in the real world. If I have a particularly awesome dream I'll try to make it happen.

4. I complain to my congressperson.

5. The love I feel for my smartphone? Yes.


Nolens Volens said...

1. I've never caught a hummingbird, let alone get one as a gift. Hummers, they're called that...right?
2. Keep sinning
3. Living in the dream world is whack!
4. Look for it...probably will find it under the E section at a video store
5. I spanked her last night, feels real enough.

the late phoenix said...

H: the bag lady is French, so you get the rare but sexy combination of bag lady sex + French sex, it's divine

twist: *cumming*

jj: i need a new phone/tablet soon, my old comp now has three lines on the screen: red, green, and blue. Christmas gift anyone?

nv: the power a hummingbird generates with its wing-flapping is enough to create another new planet

Ms. B said...

I missed out on this weeks TNH, I had an idea and it's been to crazy to go get the picture!

1. Omgosh, you want me to remember that long ago? I would have to say it was probably about 17ish. It wasn’t under the bleachers, I am much classier than that! Oh, wait… I think it was in his car.
2. Sin, whichever I get to first?
3. Living in the real world.
4. I figure out how to become enchanted.
5. Love, most definitely.

the late phoenix said...

B: send me the picture, there is no such thing as too crazy in my world ;)

Cheeky Minx said...

Oh, I'm so late... I might need to make it up to you and your pleasing/pleading request somehow.

1. Surely every time is a first of sorts.
2. Exactement.
3. I'm happy in that space in between.
4. Dance.
5. Only in relation to hate, sex and cake. And men...

the late phoenix said...

cheeky: babes, i love it when you talk French to for that request...hummer...French-style...please?