Wednesday, September 12, 2012



click above on my favorite spot to read and cry for 2 of 4


THEN, please answer the following questions:

1. i first heard this song at a particularly dark chapter in my college life. what was your darkest time in college?
2. what was the coolest thing about rotary phones?
3. it's been said that raining is really the Angels crying. so, what are the Angels crying about?
4. what do raindrops taste like to you?
5. when was the last time you fucked in the rain? describe this experience in full detail.




the late phoenix said...

1. love of my life blonde drama student, raining lone apartment, spaghetti, suicide, useless English essays i had to write, let's not dredge all of that back up again...
2. the sensation, the feel of your finger inside that carved-out-of-plastic hollow circle as you turn it and turn it and turn it again to reach the number. also, some models came with that long-ass coiling cord so you could walk around the kitchen and talk, pre-cell phones, folks, ah, nostalgia
3. me, the fact that i was born
4. Spongebob
5. dateline Los Angeles, torrential rain, flood warning, park, late at night, escaped the cops, settle in at our cardboard shack, kiss for good luck...wait, no, that was some other experience i had...

Ms. B said...

1. When I working two jobs and still out of cash! Living on noodles and studying by candlelight. It was a really hard struggle I do not wish to experience ever again!
2. The sound. The old fashion ones are pretty cool, too.
3. It’s also been said that rain is a sign of good luck, so maybe they are crying with happiness?
4. Angel tears or water.
5. It was a while ago, I wanted to fuck so very bad, but I was visiting my parent’s. When they went off to bed I dragged my partner outside in the chilly rain and sat him on a lounge chair as I straddled him and slowly got myself off and then him. I think he was a little worried since it was in front of the large sliding door to the living room which views the whole patio, not to mention the window on the side of us was my parent’s master bath. It was thrilling and chilly with loud rain and moans, hot and really, very wet! I would welcome that experience, again, anytime!

Ms. B said...

You're too funny! Those answers really make you feel... something! lol I never looked at rotary phones like that before and now I want one!

phairhead said...

Queensryche!!!!! Flove :D

Kinda surprised that you didn't post Jet City Woman.....seems more like you

KaziGrrl said...

1. The darkest time was when I had to leave prematurely and then spend so many years floating about until I was able to come back and finish. Not that it was all horrible!!
2. My parents still have a rotary phone in their kitchen. I love everything about it, the sound, the feel of the heavy dial on your finger, the way you could really hang up with a bang...
3. They're crying about our evil, sinning ways. They need to drop those harps and come join the party!!
4. New promise
5. It was many, many years ago and the details are fuzzy, but Bis and I had to pull over while driving to satisfy our urges one night and it started to rain in the midst of it. It didn't slow us down a bit, in fact I think it contributed to the heat of the moment ;)

the late phoenix said...

B: now that's what i call getting *wet*, huh? i have been called the Master Bath Master...

phair: flove ;) yeah, that's a supreme song, and i'm for all things Jet City/Seattle, but the rain song holds a special sad significance for me

kazi: oh yeah, the actual real hard feeling of hanging up a phone, you just can't let out all of your anger anymore by pushing the fuck out of the TALK button of a cell :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think the pic is cool. Unfortunately the video did not load for me.

I have never fucked outside in the rain.

The coolest thing about rotary phones was listening to them roll back in place after you dialed a nomber :)

Nolens Volens said...

Looks like you're preparing for a C-section. ;)

1. My darkest time was the week of October 6-8 in 1996 - I was a full time student with a part time job, pledging to a fraternity...and I had 8 total hours of sleep in 3 days.
2. Being forced to move in a circular way
3. They're crying about purple hair
5. Never did. The ladies never needed extra lubrication. ;)

Cheeky Minx said...

I'm with Hedone re the rotary phones - I love the rolling sound of the wheel. And never having fucked in the rain. Damn shame.

Love the pic, babe. Your tum should meet mine one day... :*

the late phoenix said...

anon: oh you

Hedone: hmmmm, it works on my end, the song is Queensryche "Another Rainy Night", and yes, the roll-back sound is so unique and special i get high off it

nv: i'm having a baby!...a food baby

ha! hijklmno, had to look that one up :)

cheeky babes: okay, i'll come over tonight in my Rum Tum Tugger costume and we'll fuck in the rain after dinner...

Jack and Jill said...

1. I took a few night classes that ended at 10pm.
2. The pulse feature.
3. The number of assholes who claim to know God's will.
4. Wild cherry.
5. Sometime last year or earlier this year. We were on our balcony as opposed to some alley or other location where we were truly exposed to the rain.

the late phoenix said...

jj: mmmmm, pulsing, wild cherry pulsing