Friday, September 23, 2016



* *MUAH MUAH MUAH MUAH* oH i love my blog i love my blog! blessed be here on this frigid Friday afternoon, wasn't looking good this morning. apparently you actually gotta pay your cable bill.

* that's it. it's done. after this they've covered all the topics. no more subjects to explore. there's no coming back from clowns.

* i wanted to talk about Pagliacci the sad clown............................but it got too depressing.

* clowns are creepy cos they wear all that makeup. go natural i say. be you.

* i'm goth but i'm too lazy to wear makeup.

* Gordon Ramsay's gonna be pissed.

* woman clown is hot. not sure if this has more to do with her being a woman or being a clown.

* this isn't disturbing, this is inspiring! i love clowns! clowns are people too! i'm a sucker for a spotlight.

* it's a common misconception that clowns can't dance on account of their ridiculously oversized shoes. that is not true as you can see. stereotypes hurt. this is the most socially-conscious show on television.

* taking pills can mean so many things...

* prayer is the best telephone.

* looking for a place i can spread my butter on my buns you catchin' my drift patna?

* shut it down! shut the whole place down i'm working out. look buddy your motel will be ruined in the process but this is serious business. i'm a professional cowpoke. if i don't stay fit your entire town will be run aground by stampeding buffalo.

* bout to be Mad Max up in this Nevada desert bitch you feel me blood?

* dinner with your family? yeah but it's just McDonald's, man, it's just clown food.

* required Monty Python intermission

* next time take the clown car. roomier.

* Dragon Ball C

* he's here for the birthday party. his birthday party.

* this entire last sequence with the unnerving flying clown and the manual laborer and the dogs and the dude with the dude on the bike can all be summed up in one word: Murica.


happy weekend. we all wear masks. cos we all get tripped up by clown questions.


Jules said...

I lOVE clowns. I have an emergency clown nose in my bag and dress up as a female Joker whenever the opportunity allows me to get away with it. We all live behind a mask. Happy weekend, my sweet*)

the late phoenix said...

i'll be your Harley any day mah dahlin. just gotta go to the hardware store and pick up my hammer, makeup, and ton drum of vanilla pudding. there may be a slight delay getting through customs...*)