Monday, March 21, 2016


1. if you died tomorrow, to whom would you leave all your worldly possessions? Axl Rose. i'll be his Kickstarter. i know he has one more "November Rain" in him. is Chinese Democracy finished yet?

2. what did you like to play as a child? EVERYTHING. i pretended i was everyone from a medieval page to the matriarch of a group of medieval bears. medieval=magic. you have to understand, i was an only child. my room with my heavy 13" raffle-won tv on my dresser was my entire world. i was bouncing off the walls long before i drank my first Gummiberry Juice.

3. have you ever gone on a rampant sex spree while depressed? yes. depression is a helluva drug.

4. do you mind if your partner wants to have porn videos playing while the two of you are having sex? no. it's cool. i love our videos. it's just weird when you see yourself at the top of the Homemade tab the next morning.

5. what is the sexiest thing you did last week? CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK

i took Wednesday off, had a lot of free time.

BONUS: you have to give your lover a report card on your last sexual encounter. i gotta?
---what would they score? ABCDEF? A for Axl. F for Fawesome.
---what could he/she improve upon? too pretentious---AV Club TV Club
---for what would your lover be reprimanded for during sex? hogging the aftersex cigarette, i only brought one. that first post-coitus puff is sacred to me, i light it on the afterglow in the air and let the first ash fall on me to remind me: ashes to ashes. orgasm is little death but death is big death.

tomorrow i turn a year older. i can't believe i made it to 500. my cyberbrain seriously needs a lube job. i don't feel any wiser. but i do feel longer.



Sweeten Dirty said...

Happy birthday to you!

the late phoenix said...

s&d: thank you kindly :) HTMIT

Jules said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday, my sweet*) I hope you had an A* day as you deserve. *)

the late phoenix said...

thank you very much indeed, mah dahlin. i woke up today not older, not wiser, but craving watercolors. not to eat, to paint with. wish i had a watercolor palette that wasn't from kindergarten *)