Friday, March 11, 2016



* Vault Boy skips along with his dunce hat on.
homeless monsters by the side of the road: at least he gets to go to school.

* narrator: an empty mind is....................what you have.
Vault Boy: yes? and?
narrator: that's it.

* Vault Boy enters the code.
Vault Boy: well whaddaya know? the password was PASSWORD.

* computer: enter password.
Vault Boy: what is the password?
computer: your name.
Vault Boy: A-HA! tricked ya! *enters VAULT BOY*
computer: error. enter your real name.
Vault Boy: A-HA! tricked ya again! *enters YOUR REAL NAME*

* the door slides open and out rolls Rosie the Robot.
Rosie: you ain't Mr. J! where's Mr. J?!
Vault Boy: there was a nuclear holocaust. everyone is dead.
Rosie: *oily robot tears* oh Mr. J. well not everyone is dead. here, try this tea.
Vault Boy: don't mind if i do *gulps down the entire teacup*
Rosie flashes a menacing smile.
Rosie (robotic laughter): heh heh heh heh

* in the lab, Vault Boy fashions himself a spiffy new state-of-the-art four-barreled gun.
Vault Boy looks directly at the camera.
Vault Boy: Nerf.

* narrator: note that the S stands for Superman....i mean, Safety. couldn't get that trademark lifted.

* Vault Boy (reading): the big books have the big words.

* Vault Boy (swaying left and right): i'm riding the bus like a good boy.

* Vault Boy: brother, can i use your blood?
fallen soldier: yes, brother, anything for the cause.
Vault Boy: thank you. after the war, i'm gonna be a vampire...


happy weekend, my babies. i'm gonna go sleep now for a billion years...


Jules said...

Can you ask vault boy a random question?

Batman or Superman? Dawn of justice.

I'm saying Batman. I'm Batman all the way.

Happy weekend, my sweet *)

the late phoenix said...

Vault Boy: spoilers: Wonder Woman is Catwoman, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are brothers, Batman marries Jennifer Lopez, Lex Luthor is Superman's son, and that female senator in the trailer is my hometown senator. and my mom.

power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. nuclear power creates four lucrative fallouts.

happy sunday, mah dahlin *)