Friday, November 27, 2015



* Black Hole Friday

* she has more subscribers than me.

* have you ever wondered what music looks like?

* Contra Level 2 if i had played it in college, not fourth grade. i was very innocent as a kid. a hummer is a song about a car, right?

* American Pharoah coulda been the GOAT if not for one misplaced extra day of showboating for the fans. fans ruin everything. i mean he would have at least been 1 and 1A with Secretariat.

* my anus is bleeding: now see? isn't that more effective? this was going to be another dry environmentalist treatise on the Earth losing iron.

* rule #1: don't stick your finger in strange holes. if you do, there's an etiquette. there are politics to a threesome. for instance, if you like the other dude, you'll be more inclined to offer him equal time.

* "to win duel at high noon, look inward"---Confucius, wearing a cowboy hat

* that's why the attic window is never shut...


happy weekend


Jules said...

Music looks like a dreamy river that picks up speed as it filters into the ocean and becomes a vast sea of possibilities. The colour changes with the mood of the sky. Sometimes it's calm and deep and dark blue and sometimes it's azure and mesmerising and dances with the wind into great arcs and crashes like a spilt milkshake at your feet.

Happy weekend, my sweet *)

the late phoenix said...

your milkshake is beautiful, mah dahlin, it brings me to the yard. i drink your milkshake and i'm covered in a vanilla wave of sweetness and light and melody. happy weekend :) *)