Saturday, April 4, 2015



* as you can see, the Colonel is bewildered. i'm keeping the Secret Recipe blog title i was gonna use cos there was no way Kentucky could lose but now it takes on a different meaning, not Calipari's loony-naughty one-and-done strategy that was supposed to crash the league but the blueprint to beat the Blues.

* when i think of Perfection, an image comes to mind, i see it now, a red chair is being flung across a basketball court, that sucker is flying.

* basketball was created as something for farmers to do on their long winter breaks. bears created the game first and are suing. the humans claim hibernation. the bears claim hibernation is a media creation.

* my KFC spiel: the chicken is juicy and tasty but at the same time i feel so so bad for those chickens. i dunno. i think i'll stick to my own secret recipe. i use one more herb...

* when i was a boy, my parents would hide easter eggs and chocolates in the backyard and i would go find them. i never found any eggs, just tons and tons of badger holes. not until just now watching the game do i realize the significance of that. it was an omen.

* now as a man, to honor the family tradition, i walk along the edges of my backyard, pretending to find eggs and chocolates. i do find tons of chocolate, pieces of chocolate scattered everywhere.........................that wasn't chocolate and will you excuse me while i wash my hands.

* Geno's right, the men's game is terrible. it's too slow, the point guard dribbles around dribbles around waiting for the coach's finger to signal which play to play. they need a shot clock to speed the frickin' game up. just put a 30-minute clock in there and see how drastically the game changes.

it's easy to play this blog game! in the comments, predict which team will win it all Monday night, Wisconsin or Duke. the last time Wisconsin won it all, bears still wore suits and hats at picnics. now that it's 38-1 and Perfection has gone up in strawberry-flavored smoke, your two choices are the Duke Blue Devils or the Wisconsin Badgers. use my entry in the comments as your ever-present guide, the Midna to your Link. so you have the choice between Satan or Rocket Raccoon, who isn't a raccoon but an alien that looks exactly, and i mean exactly, like a raccoon not from his own planet but from Earth. the coincidence is staggering. okay, not Satan, more like Doctor Strange. i hate Marvel, DC is tattooed on my bicep, metaphorically. i only like Spider-Man and would like to take Aunt May to a club. along with your choice of team, predict the final score. the winner of this blog game, the one closest to the actual final score with the actual winning (not whining) team, gets three of mine comments at thine blog. see you Monday when the clock strikes twelve with the results. Bruce Timm's designs, his lines, his female lips especially, are unparalleled. read his Naughty and Nice book. or look at it anyway. i just watched on youtube the Batman: The Animated Series intro with just sound effects, no music. fascinating.



the late phoenix said...

Wisconsin 60-55

Jules said...

Duke Blue Devils -50 -45

(I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing...but I feel instinctively right...) *)

the late phoenix said...

thank you, mah dahlin, you have insured the game will be won...on this blog.

bad news: no more Ashley Judd.

good news: Dicky V might say "Dukie" and "diaper dandy" in the same sentence tonight.