Monday, March 16, 2015


1. you found your pot o' gold. how much is in the pot? what will you do with your gold? two bits. put it all into bitcoin.

2. some things get better with age. have you? what specifically? length: 3 feet, width: half a foot.

3. are you above average or below average? above average in height. i'm tall and dark.

4. what was the last romantic act you did for someone? did they appreciate it? i was all set to go to boring Harvard and become another lawyer. then i saw her poofy hair in the cafeteria and it was love at first sight as she lunged in to take a bite of her sexy chicken sandwich. i was having the manly chicken salad. i asked her if she wanted to be my chicken salad sandwich for life. she was going to Yale so i bit the bullet of tradition and transferred to the enemy school right then right there on the spot for love. restraining order later, i tried to text her about the plot of that show Felicity but she said she was into girls with Rachel Cut hair instead.

5. think back to your very last argument. whose fault was it? i'm not into assigning blame, it's nobody's fault, i don't let anything disrupt my Steven Universe funky flow...i have a lot of time now to watch shows...

bonus: i have an overactive______ was just my imagination.




Jules said...

You are SO above average in everything, my sweet Phoenix.

And without an overactive bladder, one cannot keep the Steven Universe funky flow. *)

the late phoenix said...

thank you, my love, that means the world to me. speaking of the world, it's in good hands with the Crystal Gems, at least until Yellow Diamond comes *)