Monday, March 23, 2015


Fabio is not merely my spirit animal, he is my best friend. we're cockpit brothers. ride or fly. #dead. he does this thing where he churns his milk, it's unbelievable what he produces, i eat it all up and i still don't believe it.

1. you are to organize a sex 'n' kink weekend. are you more the "hands on" guy or the "ideas" man? i like to get my hands dirty.

2. you are to "play" with a m/f couple in a tent. are you the "need clear instructions" guy or the "i'll work it out my way" man? they didn't call me Sinatra in college for nothing. i had as many nicknames in college as classes i attended. i was also known around campus as Ceiling Cock. don't want to go through that again, can we cool it with the tent ceiling fans, guys?

3. true or false: during sex, i like to hear and accept feedback. AND, any voice that isn't one of my own is a pleasant one. on the other dirty hand, they're telling me not to trust you, only they know what's best for me.

4. what are you wearing right now? butter

5. i show loyalty to my lover by_____ never imagining that i'm fucking someone else while we're fucking. although full disclosure i have thought of Fabio but that's just a natural thing.

6. do you always have to argue? let's not start this again.

bonus: turn to page 55 of the book nearest you right now this second. what is the first line on that page? y'know the ending of Lost? that wasn't Heaven, that was Hell.




Jules said...

Number 6 is such an Ayoade answer :)

I hope you're wearing sel-de-mer because it keeps people thirsty. *)

Hedone said...

Ha! I love that you are wearing butter. Salted or unsalted?

Fabio? WTH?!


the late phoenix said...

juli: I'm thirsty for you, my sweet *)

H: sea-salted :) he's my best friend.

cammies on the floor said...

The photos cracked me up. I don't fantasize about someone else - I'm not sure I'm even capable of such a feat if it's good sex.
As always, immensely entertaining.

the late phoenix said...

cammies: thank you. yeah, my many personalities like to pretend they're having sex with celebs. i'm not sure if that's technically cheating...