Friday, May 31, 2013


i had an acting coach at Cal who would instruct us that there was bad acting, but never bad motivations for acting. in other words, every actor before he speaks and motions has in his mind the motivation for what he is about to do and say, that motivation could never be too big, too, the actor REALLY REALLY REALLY hates his mother as he's about to rant against her on stage, he wants SO MUCH to explain to her how she's ruined his life, all of that chaos and commotion is bubbling up in his head, there is no such thing as too much rage, too much feeling, that motivation cannot be limited, it spreads as far as one's imagination allows.

now whether or not that frenzy in the actor's mind will translate into what he actually says, the volume at which he spews his logic on stage, the hand-wringing and deliberate throwing-up of the hands he does as he talks to his poor mother, is another matter. many times what is actually witnessed on stage by the audience is not what the actor was intending, what the actor saw play out in his mind from all of that brain activity beforehand.


my getaway question to you before the weekend: are these two fine ladies just bad actors or what? what's the backstory here? it seems that maybe they were just doing this for a Colonial Penn paycheck, or...? i mean, not to get racist, the black woman is an okay thespian, but the white woman seems to be, i dunno, like she's monotone and robotic and yet she carries with her an air that she's doing a damn-good acting job here, it's misplaced arrogance. she's emotionless about death, but she wants us to feel for her; she might be a clone. also, when was the last time you just strolled along the park, walking to and fro among the trees at the local park casually talking to your friend about ill-gotten gains, secret Swiss money, just walking and talking? nobody else seems to live in this city, they're just whiling away the day...must be nice, wish i had such freedom to move about.

sure, Mom's dead, but at least there's still the money...


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