Wednesday, November 7, 2012


first, click above on that plant fighting for life in my soiled hands, that plant displaying much courage to, despite all of the demonic forces against it, live, to struggle for that last bit of sunshine and air and seed...for #2 of 4
THEN, please answer the following questions:
1. when in your life did you find the courage to love?
2. do you prefer music songs sung and composed by women or men? think about this, it may be a hidden subconscious thing you haven't explored yet.
3. you stand at the foot of an electrified fence, beyond that fence is the hope of a new day, a new life where you'll finally be free, how do you get by the fence? even cartoony answers will be accepted.
4. fuck, girl, your suck technique definitely does not suck. shit, i'm gonna cum, where do you want me to cum?
5. crowd surfing: exciting or scary?


the late phoenix said...

1. so many, so many...loving someone when you know there's no chance, continuing to blog when every fiber in your being is completely exhausted, online connections which are quickly fading...
2. okay, i know i always side with the hot babes, but when it comes to music, it really doesn't matter to me, i guess this is the one exception, good art is good art
3. i spread my wings and fly
4. in my mouth
5. matters: if you fall on your drug dealer's needle, that can hurt...then again, you might not feel anything after that

AtiyaLuv said...

1. 2x when I met my husband at the age of 18! married him at 19!..when that ended I swore never to fall in love...3 years ago I fell in love, head over heels! and fell fla on my face, now I am scuuurr
2. men, tons of music sang by women are composed by least is my take...and my genre is huuge!!! I am a music lover!!
3. I will call Wile E. Coyote "Genius"...he can take care of that for me ACME..
4. first unload at the back of my throat and watch it slide down my chin to my breasts.
5. scary!...some people are just not paying attention!!!

the late phoenix said...

atiya: your #4 answer kept me up all night...

Kazi G said...

1. From the beginning really... love of parents and family. There has been the love of friends and partners. The love of what I do for a living. And the love I have for my children, living and not.
2. Good question. I tend to be very eclectic in my musical tastes, but I think there is a slight edge for those written/sung by men. Of course, I make friends easier with guys than gals, so I guess it makes sense in some way.
3. I find a long pole, take a running start, and vault over the fence. Hopefully I land somewhere soft!
4. Straight down my throat baby! Hey, were you eating pineapples today? ;)
5. Both! but that's what makes it fun!!


~Kazi xxx

Cammie said...

So, um. I really can't tell how much of this blog is fiction.

You're definitely interesting though. Hella interesting, in fact. I have a feeling you've heard that a lot though.

I started to answer the questions, but my responses just got so ridiculously drawn out. And I AM NOT even trying to take up valuable space here. I respect you so much more than that.

I'll definitely be reading more <3

the late phoenix said...

kazi: when in doubt, i find that ACME and Wile E. Coyote works best

cammie: please, take up as much space as you want, i get so few comments i welcome anyone who takes the time to respond...oh, and thanks for the add

Cheeky Minx said...

Late again. I might need a spank for my tardiness...

1. Yesterday. Now. And it broke my heart. At least tomorrow's a step to forgetting.
2. It depends on my mood. Right now, it's Bertie Blackman.
3. Snap on the flying, babe!
4. Everywhere.
5. Tried it once and was almost fast-tracked to heaven. Or was that hell?


the late phoenix said...

cheeky: everywhere, that was the correct answer. do you want your, um, prize now? :)