Monday, June 20, 2011



oh, and stay tuned after the song...for a little musical surprise!

memories: forgot about this one. heretofore, i pictured rock stars as hard, unfeeling, only caring about themselves, what vase they could break in hotel rooms, what chord did they need to pursue to achieve that perfect rock sound, the selfish pursuit of fame...then, i hear this, and i get misty-eyed while sitting on my eighth-grade bench. i wipe away the embarrassing tears hurriedly, making sure no one sees me to beat me up. as i chew down on the last bit of string cheese after eating lunch alone once again, my hypothesis is confirmed: rock stars do have hearts, and are worthy of my following. from then on, i strove to pattern my meek life after rock stars, or more pointedly, musicians. has it worked out? fuck yeah, look at me now typing away at this anonymous internet blog post, i'm winning!!!

feelings: sell me down the river...didn't exactly know what that meant when i first heard this song as a youth. i imagined i imagined a vision of a river, and tobogganing down it like that tobogganing video game, remember that one? it was pretty lost on me i catch the reference more, i feel it more, i've had six years of history under my belt, so the river becomes for me a river of tears, a river of pain, the concept of man betraying man. it's poignant, bro, that's the bottom line...

structure: it starts out maudlin...then that beautiful guitar chord comes in. y'know, i haven't since heard THAT particular sound in any other music i've listened to, that way the boys get the guitar to's sloppy, like it's running water spilling all over the place, it's unique and special that note, like every one of us. the song progresses, and do my ears deceive or is that violins i hear joyously strumming in the background? finally, the strong chords come in, the hardness sounds up, and it all ends with scott's deep emotional vocals

final: hi, what's up? has summer swallowed you up yet?



Yes I Blog said...

WOW! I really like this song! Thanks for sharing...and...on a different note...I am totally intrigued by the photo that has a Hershey's Smores Candy Bar...never saw that kind before. Cool!

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

I love the song! :D

And those chocolate bars look YUM.

...Oh man. I hate being in China. (You can't really get them here, except for snickers.)

the late phoenix said...

yes: oh yeah, didn't notice that particular bar when i posted it. you know what that means, right? CAMPFIRE TIME!!!

lemons: for some strange reason, i'm drawn more to the kitchenware...