Monday, June 13, 2011



memories: well, this gem is the opening theme song to the anime WOLF'S RAIN. this is music monday, not another anime post, so all i'll say about WOLF'S RAIN is that you better watch it, every episode, you might have caught it on adult swim, cartoon network, but if not, do it, and only then will i JOIN YOU IN PARADISE ;)

feelings: this is the ultimate THROWBACK song, huh? it sounds like it was created during the '80s, that's what's so cool about it. i tend to find that when you try to sound like a different era than the one you're in, it rarely works, the tell-tale signs are all there, you try too hard. this works, though, it's a stadium anthem, something you'd hear in the background while you were playing your first game of pac-man at the arcade, chomping down on some greasy cheese fries, tampering with your braces, fucking your lot in life but still recognizing that this pac-man thing is cool, and the touch of that joystick on your palm is REALLY REALLY pleasurable...

structure: again, it's this whole vibe of energy, being alone, a stray in the world like the wolves in the anime are, fighting for yourself and your rights on the mean streets, running. you, too? yeah, the running thing, the beats are urging you on to run, to run away and find your gold.

final: i'm just glad i was able to post today. between safari, firefox, and chrome, my computer was fucking fritzing again. oh well, what other songs do YOU like that are throwbacks, that are composed in this modern era but sound like they were made decades ago?



Spiky Zora Jones said...

my auntie would say...the best throw back song is Duran Duran's...Hungry Like The Wolf. ahahahaha.

how you baby. I've been away...but back...I start Shakespeare rehearals in a week and a half. Then it will get crazy again...YAY!!!

but I missed you. (((MWUAH)))

the late phoenix said...

big billy shakespeare

in the park

he's the All-Pimp

that's awesome!


Cheeky Minx said...

My laptop must be related to your computer because he's been having hissy fits all week too. Or perhaps they're lovers, both fagged out after all that cyber shagging?

Songs? I'm thinking everything from Amy Winehouse's Back to Black. So very 60s soul. Mmmm...

Love ya, babe. ;)

the late phoenix said...

cyber shagging...*lost in thought*