Monday, June 27, 2011



memories: admit it i do, i got this off the commercial. well, this is a first on MUSIC Mondays, for i've only known about this song for a week or so, so i don't have any hard-won years of psychological damage from it yet.

feelings: thus, let's just proceed with the song, you and i together, and experience it for the first time, shall we? okay, it starts off, snare drum to the max, the coolest of the drums...y'know, i never got into this whole fascination with the rat pack era, that time just doesn't do it for me like it does for others like seth macfarlane, so oh well, i suppose i'm uncultured like that...okay, those hippie pants she has on, now those REALLY DO DO it for me, wink wink nudge nudge...woah, she's gonna fall off that galactic high wire, watch out! oh, she made it, phew that was! there's a giant blonde trying to eat me...reminds me of last the waterbed

structure: the grooviest beat you could ever groove to, even if you were grooving to grinding out gravy while grooving, dig? also, her vocals are like a pixie, but not a pixie you catch and cage up, a pixie you worship from afar

final: what's your drink of choice when you're feeling lonely and hopeless? heineken?



Noddy Blue said...

Heineken?! Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!!!

phairhead said...

love this song!

my hopeless drink is coco & kahlua

drollgirl said...

you have a waterbed?!

my drink of choice is always corona and/or patron, whether i am feeling lonely/hopeless or otherwise!

Drenchxoxo said...

Vodka tonic with lime please (warm smile)

the late phoenix said...

noddy: chuggachuggachugga

phair: yummy yummy for eternal tummy

droll: waterbed (and something else) sprung a leak

drench: :)

Silly Mistress said...

Fun song : )

Whiskey Drink: Irish Mist shots
Vodka Drink: Hop Skip and Go Naked
Lager Drink: Blue Moon
Cider Drink: Hornsby's Amber Hard Cider

(I get knocked down, but I get get up again ; )

Missed Periods said...

That video was actually cute. It reminds me of fun videos from the 80s.

Henrietta Collins (aka Kage) said...

when i'm feeling down, i skip the beer and go straight for the hard stuff. like cocaine.

the late phoenix said...

silly: that should be my next music mondays song

missed: but not as cute as you. i feel ya, the whole tom hanks BIG piano

kage: speaking of the '80s, it's time for another coke-in-the-big-bowl party

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi babyyyy. When I'm lonely in New York or Los Angeles...give me good wines or frozen margaritas. Anywhere in between...I;ll take a corona with lime.


the late phoenix said...

i love me some margaritas, i can taste them now. we should meet at an airport lounge late at night between connecting flights...

nitebyrd said...

Guinness. Always, Guinness.

the late phoenix said...

nite: i'm with you, a refreshing dark bold guinness for those unbold days

Anonymous said...

I dig to grove but not the voice...ballgag and I'm good to go ;)

Jack n coke FTW all the time, anytime!

the late phoenix said...

vie: everything's better with coke