Monday, October 9, 2017


1. i am me because______________nobody else wanted it.

2. ______________will never ever do________________ The Hulk, PCP (or we're in trouble)

3. he was grabbing ice cubes and _______________pretending he was all hard like Cube and Ice-T but he had no primetime shows. he was just slinging lemonade that tasted like iced tea in a commercial on the curb and getting stomped there.

Majin Buu was stuffing ice cubes down his pants. he danced in the air like Hammer and giggled.

4. ok ok i'm really__________ok. i was just kidding the whole time. but i'm seriously depressed.

5. the charming______________got in my________________


it's all in there. the lyrics, the sexy dancing, and the burning sage.

bonus: tell us about places where you've been happiest. loud '80s arcades at the mall next to Sbarro. beige skeeball lanes easy to cheat, you wait till Chuck E Cheese turns his head and plunge the ball into the top circle for 1000 tickets. the 7-Eleven on Wilshire on top of the gas station. the defunct Lazer Tag which now serves as the Halloween Hay Maze one month out of the year seasonally. miniature golf: for years i thought that was real golf. batting cages: that one time i got beaned in the head, luckily i was wearing my oversize helmet, in the softball moonball cage, too, the slowest one, those things are dangerous for children. finding 60-dollar Nintendo railroad cartridges at some makeshift rectangular kiosk deep in the heart of some warehouse next to the mattresses and specialty-flavor Strawberry Icees you could only get there in the entire tri-state area, i swear it was like a bazaar but inside a cheaply-lit Target. Chipotle which back then was called Taco Bell. huffing under the bleachers which back then was called graffiti but now is called art. huffing under the bleachers which back then was called smoking but now is called incense. skating on the half-pipe which was really just a converted jungle gym.

i did a lot of loitering as a kid...



Jules said...

You loitered well, my sweet *)

the late phoenix said...

all I have left to live off of is nostalgia

which is not food