Monday, October 2, 2017


1. how do you gauge the success of your romantic relationships? if we can still talk to each other while we're both blindfolded at the same time...

2. how often do you prefer to talk about sex with your lover? as little as possible. we just do it.

3. during sex, what is your top priority? simultaneous cumming

4. what advice would you like to give your partner to be a better lover? are you afraid to give that advice? can we please use the cocoa butter? i've cleared out both shelves of cocoa butter at Costco and the entire town's mad at me. yes, cos she's the Costco regional manager.

5. while in the moment of having sex, what is the best way you like to receive feedback from a lover that they are enjoying or are not enjoying sex?
a) moans and groans
b) tell me in dirty talk
c) give me direction or be explicit
d) just fuck, tell me later if it was good for you

a) they could be complaining at how bad a lover i am
b) how do i know it's dirty talk and not just you acting weird?
c) we're naked in bed together, we're already being explicit
d) how do i know you're not just being polite? if you answer no we can still go back to being best friends, right?

bonus: are you an idiot? why or why not? according to Dostoevsky, yes.

be good to each other.



ancilla_ksst said...

I haven't read any Dostoevsky, but I have downloaded two audiobooks for my next road trip, which is Thursday. Should be interesting, right?

the late phoenix said...

Dostoevsky is one of the old Masters. some say he rivals even Shakespeare...

Jules said...

"according to Dostoevsky, yes." You'll love him. *) Ho doesn't talk dirty, he just acts weird.

-H said...

Hello there! :-)


the late phoenix said...

juli: Dostoevsky had the clapback back in the day. he was like Sgt. Pepper. his new books were met with Lisztomania *)

H: hello, my friend