Friday, October 23, 2015



* so, what were your favorite shows growing up?

* it was on PBS in my area. everybody experimented in the '70s.

* "i would watch it after the news. nothing on Candle Cove was ever as scary as what was on the news."

* YOU HAVE TO GO INSIDE: i remember the first time i heard those words. my wedding night. it was death by snu-snu.

* the Skin-Taker's hat isn't made of skin, that's rich, smooth corinthian leather.

* little girl: why do you always have a glazed-over look?
Skin-Taker: i'm dead. and i have glass eyes.
little girl: why does your mouth grind like that?
Skin-Taker: i need jaw surgery but it's too expensive.

* "i'd wet my bed cos of Candle Cove. also it didn't help that i'd drink five cups of coffee right before i went to bed."

* son: so mom, remember Candle Cove?
mom in nursing home: yes, i was the little girl on that show.
son: that's crazy.
mom in nursing home: not as crazy as you staring at a screen full of static for thirty minutes. are you sure you're not the one who should be in a nursing home?

* oh yeah, Candle Cove, i remember now, scary stuff: CLICK HERE

* don't be scared by the end of this video, it's just Tool's new video: CLICK HERE


happy weekend


Jules said...

Don't eat any creepy pasta. Happy weekend, my sweet*)

the late phoenix said...

especially with Ragu sauce. my Italian bestie always used to say that he heard from his ancestors back in Italy that Ragu sauce was made from blood...........................but that's just an urban myth, right? *thunderclap* *)